Water accounts for a significant percentage of your recurring bills. It is also a resource that is getting scarce by the day. Therefore, it is essential to find ways to save water to cut down the bills and ensure that water is available for extended periods. This article takes you through some of the things that you can put in place to make your home water-efficient.

Turn Off and Fix Leaking Plumbing Systems

Some of the people do not turn off taps just after using the water. The extra few minutes that the water runs can cumulatively lead to loss of hundreds of litres each month. If you need some little water, do not turn on the tap to full flow to avoid wasting water. In places like the toilets, you can replace your faucets with low flow models. Moreover, inspect your plumbing system from time to time and, have any leaking pipes and taps fixed as soon as possible. These steps ensure that every drop that gets home is put into use.

Go for Water-efficient Appliances and Plumbing Systems

Several kitchen and laundry appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines use lots of water. You could save water by going for energy efficient appliances instead. Moreover, when loading dishes to your dishwasher, scrape off the bits of food on them rather than rinsing it off. At the toilet, replace your water closet toilets with water-efficient ones. There are several low-flow and dual flush models in the market that reduce water consumption drastically. In addition, reduce the average time you spend in a shower to a maximum of five minutes.

Make Use of the Grey Water


Grey water is the water that comes from such activities as rinsing your dishes, washing your clothes and the bathroom. Instead of letting the water go down the drain, this water can be reused to flush the toilets, water the lawn or irrigate your kitchen garden. Consider purchasing home greywater treatment systems to filter the grey water. Doing so saves you lots of clean water that you would have used for the same purpose.

Consider Smart Irrigation Technologies

A significant amount of water could be going towards your garden and lawn irrigation. If you have a small garden, consider watering it by hand using a hose or watering can rather than sprinklers and automatic irrigation systems. However, if you have a medium to large gardens and yards, you can invest in weather-based irrigation systems so that the land gets irrigated when it needs the water. Moreover, replace your old mist sprinkler heads with the rotator heads which have low flow and less drift

Water Efficiency Saves Water and Money

Committing to conserve water at home not only saves hundreds of litres of water but also saves you money in water bills. Take every opportunity to save water by using less, preventing wastage and recycling some of the water. If everyone started conserving water, there would be enough water for everyone across Australia and the rest of the world.

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