Metal benders in the Nickelodeon’s hit animation, The Legend of Korra, possess the rare ability to bend one of nature’s hardest elements. They can twist and fashion metal into just about anything they wish, including body armor in milliseconds.

Unfortunately, such feats are not replicable in the real world, not at that scale and speed anyway. With the help of a sheet metal brake in Baileigh, you can master the art of metal bending and blow your competitors in the car repair scene out of the water.

These handy tools can help you bend sheet metals to just about any shape.

Lower your overheads

When a customer pulls up to your shop in need of a unique replacement part, chances are that you may have to order it from one of your suppliers. Once the part gets there, you proceed to fix it on the car, and the job is done. Your client is happy, and they pay you for the labor, assuming they already paid for the part.

One small problem – you left money at the table. The customer came in ready to pay for the part and labor, but you only got paid for your time. That shouldn’t always be the case, not when you can fabricate such parts right there in the shop.

With a metal brake, you have the rare ability to fabricate all manner of pans and boxes from sheet metal in a matter of minutes: from radiator sports to shifter bases to custom battery boxes, anything. Your skills and imagination are the only two limiting factors when you have one of these tools in your shop.

Reduce your turnaround time

Cars have a crucial role in the lives of many people in that they afford them the luxury of going after lucrative jobs, even when involving quite a commute. All such people need is just a fast car in great shape and a working stereo. They will gladly make the commute every day as they chase the paper.

When such people bring their car to your shop, they expect quick and efficient service. They can’t afford to let you keep the car for more than a day, two at the most. Luckily, you don’t have to, not when you can fabricate just about any replacement part you need to get the job done.

Specialist checking the car


Tending to the needs of such motorist quickly and efficiently earns you their eternal gratitude. Such drivers will stick with you for a long time, becoming your most loyal and committed customers. Better yet, they become brand ambassadors and recommend your services to friends and family.

Honing your ability to bend metal to your will is a crucial way to differentiate your car repair shop and beat the competition. Having the right tools and equipment enables you to fabricate just about any car replacement part you need to get the job done.

That saves you need to source them from suppliers, saving you time and money, much to the delight of your customers. Your clients will appreciate the transformation into a one-stop repair shop.

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