Nowadays, more people are mindful of their physical and mental wellness. Achieving holistic health is given the utmost importance, and this is done by choosing what they consume and how they consume. Brands, old and new, have heard of the demand for a healthier alternative.

Gone are the days when practicing a healthy lifestyle means spending more and going out of your way just so you can have access to your needs. Before, mindful living doesn’t necessarily translate to convenient living. But today, there are free apps that you can download to clear your mind. Food franchises like the Mexican establishment down the street offer dishes served fast without breaking a buck.

In this fast-paced world, choosing to live healthily is made easier. Here are inexpensive and accessible options for a healthier mind, body, and soul:


It wouldn’t hurt to enroll in a meditation class, but if you cannot find the extra time to travel to a studio or spend extra money on something you’re not sure of yet, there are free meditation apps available for download. A trial is for free. If you happen to incorporate it into your daily routine, monthly fee costs less than three venti frappuccinos.

Meditation helps you find balance and wellness through breathing techniques and calming exercises. It doesn’t require much, yet it provides you with a clear mind. What a perfect way to start and end your day!


Healthy food doesn’t mean tasteless food. You don’t have to starve yourself either. Know your body’s nutritional needs. Find meal plans online and recreate recipes for a filling yet balanced diet. Choose ingredients that are fresh and sourced locally. Supermarkets and your trusty vendor from the Sunday market now carry organic produce.

If preparing your meal takes too much time and effort, you don’t have to worry. There is a rise in food establishments offering fresh and tasty recreation of your favorite comfort food. Fast food is no longer limited to pre-packaged burgers and fries. Remember that a healthy meal does not pertain solely to salad. Everyone deserves delicious food after a long day.


take the time to relax

There are different ways to relax, but many would agree that when the word “relaxation” is uttered, we think of a spa. Now, you don’t have to visit the spa to relax. You can D-I-Y the ultimate spa experience. Light your favorite scented candle, apply a pre-prepared face mask or make the concoction yourself, and soak in a warm bath mixed with essential oils—depending on what you need at that point. Turn on peaceful music or allow the silence to permeate the air.

You can also choose to do nothing, or you catch up on the episodes of your favorite series on Netflix. Pausing from your routine for some me-time will give your mind and body the chance to restart. They get tired, too.

Taking care of one’s self is not about vanity anymore. A body that is in tune with the mind makes it easier for us to fulfill our daily tasks and make our goals a reality.

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