One of the most critical days in a marriage is the wedding day. Commemorating it gives a couple the opportunity to celebrate their romantic journey. It also gives their friends and families a perfect chance to celebrate a couple’s love. Gifting is a necessary part of wedding anniversaries and yet among the hardest ones when putting together this important day.

However, sometimes you have no time to shop for a gift, or there is not a single shop that stocks the gift you are looking for. These issues can be solved by opting to buy hampers online, for instance, rather than buy a gift at a physical store. When you try to buy a gift online, you can view an assortment of gifts on your phone or computer, pay for your chosen gift, and wait for its delivery.

The first five years of a marriage are generally the hardest. Getting the perfect gifts for the anniversaries listed below is essential. The following are some tips on gift giving for wedding anniversaries from the Middle Ages but with a modern twist:

First Anniversary

In the Middle Ages, paper was the chosen gift for couples celebrating their first anniversary. In this instance, it symbolized the fragility of their new relationship status and new beginnings. In modern times, these can also be symbolized by watches. Other than gold watches, tickets to a sporting event, a concert, or a dream destination can suffice for couples celebrating their first anniversary. Pansies and carnations are the flowers of choice at this stage.

Second Anniversary

Gifts here focus on cotton that symbolizes the adaptability and durability of a growing relationship. China has replaced cotton in modern times. Luxurious cotton sheets or towels complete with personalized pillowcases might be perfect for a second wedding anniversary gift. China serving ware which matches the china at a couple’s wedding will also suffice. Cosmos and lily of the valley are the ideal flower options.

Third Anniversary

Leather will be your focus for gift giving during the third wedding anniversary. It symbolizes a couple’s resiliency, stability, and protection. Glass and crystal will suffice for those looking for modern gifts. A leather journal, a watch box, or a handbag is perfect. Etched crystal glasses or a glass ice bucket coupled with fuchsia or sunflowers are also an alternative.

Fourth Anniversary

wife surprising husband with a gift

Flowers and fruits at this stage of a marriage symbolize a couple’s blossoming relationship. Those looking for a modern gift opt for appliances. Espresso machines, customized garden tote bags, fruit baskets, and potted flowers are perfect options for couples celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary. Geraniums or hydrangeas are the perfect flowers to add to your gift hamper.

Fifth Anniversary

Wood at this stage is a symbol of forgiveness, durability, and wisdom. Silverware will also give the same meaning. Engraved wood boards, vintage silverware sets, and cherry wood cigar humidors are ideal gifts for fifth wedding anniversaries. Daisies are the perfect flowers to crown your gift hamper.

Many couples stay married past five years after their wedding. Celebrating each of the anniversaries with the gift tips mentioned above is one of the best ways to reassure your wife or husband of your marriage commitment. It is also the ideal way to cheer on and celebrate your friends who have stayed married.

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