Most commonly known as a form of self-expression, tattoos have long increased in popularity around the world. Some parents even give tattoos as gifts to their children, with most coming from Delhi and Bristol.

Interestingly, parents in Sydney do not gift tattoos to kids, but the city is a popular location for getting inked. Australia’s capital is also the 10th most expensive place to get inked.

The Heart of It All

People have many reasons for getting tattoos. These include individual expression, tradition, membership, and physical representations of significant life events. Given these reasons, tattoos are done around the world and are prevalent among all genders, age groups, and norms.

If you are considering having one or more placed and this is your first time, here are some things to consider.

  • Having one can be painful. The pain may take days, depending on your choice of size and design.
  • Tattoos are forever. So, try visualizing yourself with the tattoo as you get older.
  • Will the tattoo affect how friends and family see you? Consider as well how the tattoo may affect your employment.
  • Think about where the tattoo will be placed, as one that is too large or visible may cause you problems psychologically.
  • Pricing varies, but the average hourly cost of getting a tattoo in Sydney is around $176.
  • It is illegal in some places of Australia for minors to be inked or get other body modifications such as piercing or splitting.

man getting ready to tattoo someone

Your First Time

After considering the health and psychological risks, choosing a tattooist is your next step. A studio that has a registered business and offers professional services is good. Make sure the tattooist also uses clean and single-use equipment (clean needles, premises, lighting, and a separate area for disinfecting and cleaning) so as to avoid contamination. Some tattooists even use laboratory autoclaves in sterilising their equipment, if reusable.

Do not be afraid to ask the operator how they keep their equipment clean. You can also ask about the specific procedures, as well as their experience in doing those. You can always look elsewhere if you feel unsatisfied or pressured.

Prior to the procedure, ask your tattooist the process in the tattoo placement as well as what to expect after the procedure (this may vary across tattooists). The tattooist should also ask your health information before performing the procedure. Be sure to ask questions regarding the procedure, how it is done, and what to do post-procedure.

After getting your tattoo, follow the advice of your tattooist, including care of the inked area. Keep in mind the following.

  • Choose a studio or tattooist with a registered business and is reputable.
  • Skills in design, colour, and layout are a plus.
  • Be sure the tattooist sterilizes and cleans equipment thoroughly, including the needles and instruments, to ensure no contamination and additional health risks.
  • Your tattooist should give you health information before and after the procedure, as well as post-care steps to follow after you get inked.
  • Get medical attention immediately if you feel swelling, inflammation, and pain.
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