White garage doorYour garage door has served you a long time, but it has started making funny sounds recently, and occasionally refuses to do its job. It even locked you out of the house once. Is it time to call a garage door supplier or would another repair suffice?

Check out these three clues to find out for sure if your garage door is saying “goodbye” in the most sophisticated manner:

It Looks Out of Place

Before you go into the technical signs, visual appeal can be your first clue. Say, you have recently given your house a makeover. Your deck looks lovely with its modern finishing, and the facade appears fancy with new floor-to-ceiling windows. You’ve given your garage door a new coat of paint, but you survey it against the remodeled parts — and it still sticks out like a sore thumb.

Work with an expert in choosing the kind of garage door that will blend well with the rest of your home’s architecture. A good garage door supplier such as O’Brien Garage Doors must be able to provide you with the design you need or to customize the door according to your preferences.

It Makes Obnoxious Sounds

Sure, old garage doors are supposed to make some noise, but if the odd sounds are enough to wake the neighborhood, you likely need a replacement.

Loud, obnoxious sounds may be a sign of broken springs or misaligned parts. If you’re using an old unit, it may take a fortune and a lot of hard work to find good replacement parts. Moreover, having your garage door often repaired may lead to recurring problems. It may be just a short time before you hear the final crack or snap.

It Makes You Worry About Your Security

If a bit of prying and nudging can get the garage door to open, you’re no longer safe. Get a new unit that offers more security. Ask your supplier for a metal door with an automatic opener than well as a manual override feature that lets you control the door even when the power is out. A new, more efficient door will not go cheap, but where the safety of your family is concerned, there’s no reason to scrimp.

Most times, when a tired garage door whines, you leave it to the repair people to make it work again. But there are times when you don’t need another remedy; what you need is a new unit.

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