Facts About WhalesWhales are one of the most mysterious animals on the planet. The fascination of humanity towards these mammals made them the stars of several movies, such as Free Willy and Moby Dick. They are also a favourite among tourists, which is why whale watching tours like All Sea Charters are widespread.

The magnificent creatures are a sight to behold, especially when you see them up close. Yet, there’s so much you don’t know about them.

Music Loving Mammals

In 2013, a couple of artists modified a boat named SSV Cetus by placing an underwater sound system and referring to it as a ‘sculptural sea vessel’. They sailed the sea throughout the day to play underwater symphonies for the beluga whales. They observed that the whales immediately seemed interested and joined in the music.

The mammals showed an appreciation for art and music in their own way. Of course, humans can’t identify if beluga whales really love music, but their attraction toward it is profound.

200 Year Old Mammals

In 2007, scientists were studying a dead bowhead whale when they discovered an object stuck inside it. When they inspected the object more closely, they found out it was a fragment from a weapon that existed back in 1879. Scientists believe the whale survived a whaling attack that happened 100 years ago. The lifespan of whales are still under argument, but the oldest creature they did find was 211 years old.

Mammals with Female BFFs

A Cetacean group in Mingan Island conducted studies about humpback whales for 16 years. They use photographic techniques and discovered that female humpback whales reunite with their friends every year. They said these whales remember their friends and can find them anywhere in the ocean despite other whales surrounding them.

The random discoveries by artists and scientists depict how whales can also form social bonds, enjoy music and even outlive humans.

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