London is not just a city where the meeting of the old and the new is pronounced. It is not just a multi-cultural city that accepts cosmopolitan individuals. When someone visits the place for the first time, they will surely go first for the iconic landmarks, such as Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster, the London Eye, and the Shard. Even the red telephone booths and black cabs draw in tourists.

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There is more to the city than these icons. It is also abundant in green spaces, which will surely tickle the fancy of nature-lovers and those who love watching people. If it is your first time in the city, your itinerary should include the parks that will surely make perfect spots for your pictures and touristy mementoes. Once you have found a cheap hostel in London, you are supposed to go out and visit the following parks and green spaces.

The Hyde Park

Perhaps the most popular park in the city is Hyde Park. It is sometimes dubbed as London’s response to New York’s Central Park. Running on a sprawling tract of land, which is 625 acres, the park is situated in the middle of London. Busy thoroughfares and towering buildings surround the park, thus making it look like the oasis of the concrete jungle. The park itself has a lot of points of interest, such as the memorials for Princess Diana and Holocaust victims. You can also visit the Speakers’ Corner, where people from all walks of life can freely voice out their sentiments.

The Holland Park

If you are wandering around the borough of Kensington, you may want to visit its largest park, Holland Park. Holland Park has a lot of facilities and sports areas, which will surely make a sports fan giddy with excitement. You can practice tennis, football, and even cricket here. There is also a playground where kids can have fun. Within the park is the Kyoto Garden, which exemplifies the beauty and aesthetics of Japanese gardening. You may even spot a couple of peacocks here.

Regent’s Park

Wandering in the City of Westminster will give you a lot of visual delights, which inevitably include the Palace of Westminster. But if you want to stay away from traffic and people, you will want to visit Regent’s Park. Attractions within the vicinity include the Cumberland Terrace, York Terrace, Hanover Lodge, and the Park Crescent. If you have an unstoppable penchant for zoos, you can visit the London Zoo, as it is located within the park.

The Richmond Park

The largest of London’s Royal Parks (which include Regent’s Park and Hyde Park), Richmond Park boasts of its sprawling beauty that is home to a wide range of wildlife. Popular points of interest include Beverley Brook and Adam Ponds. If you wander around, you may even find families of fallow deer.

The city of London is also full of green spaces that somehow serve as the city’s commitment to preserving natural sensibilities. These parks are places where people and nature can commune. They provide excellent venues for those who are seeking peace.

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