Necklaces in a jewelry boxWhat do you do if you have old, unused jewelry at home? You can reuse it, give it to a loved one, or sell it. After all, these valuable pieces are investments that can help people in financial need. A jeweler can help you repurpose your old jewelry. Here is a closer look at their services:

1. Resizing

Gleaning from sellers of wedding bands like Kravit Jewelers, resizing jewelry helps it remain useful. This might be necessary whenever a person undergoes physical growth or change.

2. Cleaning

Old or smeared jewelry can benefit from cleaning services, especially precious stones or metals that have lost their shine. Jewelers use specially designed substances or materials to make sure that the jewelry isn’t damaged.

3. Fabrication

This is a common way of creating jewelry. It involves cutting, soldering, and shaping of metals like silver or gold into the desired form. People can commission certain jewelers to fabricate new pieces for special occasions.

4. Repairs

Broken necklaces, rings, and more need to be adequately repaired, which means that people should not risk having them fixed by unreliable dealers. Only professionals can restore these valuable pieces.

5. Buying

Lastly, some jewelers can buy the pieces if they are deemed too old or dispensable by the owner. This benefits both sides since the owner is paid while the jeweler can fix and resell the jewelry.

Overall, old, unused, or dirty jewelry still have value. Jewelers can help owners have their pieces repaired, resized, or cleaned. They can also make new ones via fabrication or buy unwanted pieces from owners. Thanks to gem dealers, these valuable pieces will not be wasted.

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