As a homeowner, plumbing problems are a common sight. There are even a few problems that usually spring up when you least expect it. Although there are quite a few that are easy to fix, there are a couple of significant issues that require assistance from an emergency plumber in Salt Lake City. That’s why learning each of these problems and knowing how to fix them are essential to help you save money. To help you get started, here are a few common plumbing problems and how to fix each of them.

Low water pressure

When someone tells you about the low water pressure in your sink faucet, there might be a problem underneath. The Spruce suggests checking if the low water pressure affects both the cold and hot water. If both settings have low pressure, then it’s best to check the aerator. Another factor that may affect water pressure is calcium deposits. Check the faucet aerator and carefully remove it. Remove any debris and dirt build-up and place the aerator back.

Dripping faucets

Most homeowners are used to dripping faucets that it’s difficult to find someone who has never had this kind of problem. However, leaving your dripping faucet unattended may affect your water bill at the end of the month. The problem with dripping faucets usually lies in the internal washer. Check the internal washer if it’s already worn, damaged, or dislodged. You can quickly fix this issue by replacing it or putting it back to its original place using the correct tools.

plumber fixing faucetSlow-draining sink

Another common plumbing problem is a slow-draining sink. The pop-up that filters the water tends to collect a lot of debris and falling hair over time. You can fix the issue by removing the debris that blocks the drainage to let the water flow smoothly again. You can use a tool to clean out the drain of any fallen hair or debris stuck in your drainage. Another tip to resolve the issue is by taking the pop-up out completely. Just unscrew it using pliers to clean it. Once you’ve removed all the debris, you can only put it back and reinstall it.

Running toilet

Almost everyone has experienced a running toilet at some point in their lives. Several things can cause it to happen. However, all these are fixable. The first thing that you need to learn is to understand the cause of the problem. Once you’ve determined the part of the toilet that’s causing the problem, you can replace it or repair it to stop the running water.

Clogged toilet

When you notice that the toilet doesn’t drain away, it means that it’s clogged. The cause of the blockage can either be tissue paper, human waste, or both. You can typically fix this problem with a plunger. However, if that doesn’t work, then use a sewer snake to loosen up the material that’s blocking it.

These are only a few of the most common plumbing problems that you may encounter at home. If you feel like it’s beyond your control, then it’s best to reach out to a professional plumber for assistance. Just make sure that you can trust the expert to do the job for you.

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