Thailand can be pretty overwhelming for anyone visiting it for the first time. Its sprawling and busy urban life, frenzied nightlife, and humid climate intimidate tourists and travellers. But look beyond the crowded cities, unending traffic, and billboard-covered buildings to find a diverse culture, exotic traditions, vibrant art scene, hospitable people, lively festivals, and out-of-this-world food choices. Whether you’re staying in a luxury villa rental in Koh Samui or in one of those cheap motels in Bangkok, you’ll find plenty of luxurious and exotic things to do in Thailand.

Have a Traditional Thai Massage in a Spa Resort

Thailand’s healing massage tradition goes way back as far as Thailand’s culture itself. The country has long been known as a mecca for rejuvenation and relaxation. Traditional Thai massage boasts many benefits, including relief from physical pain and emotional stress, as well as mental acuity. It is said that it can improve one’s flexibility by releasing blocked energies from the body. Many beachfront and mountainside holistic spa resorts in Thailand offers not only traditional healing massages but also sumptuous food and infinity pools that make you feel one with nature.

Dine Like Royalty

Going to Thailand and not sampling its cuisine should be a crime and an affront to the culinary delicacies that make the country one of the best in Asia. Thai food is a mix of ancient oriental recipes and western influence. Whether you want tom yum goong, pad Thai, or Thai barbecue, you could never go wrong with one of the many rooftop bars scattered around Bangkok.

In Koh Samui, you can dine while relaxing in fine white, sandy beaches and gushing waves. Adventure-seekers can also sample kai khao (boiled unhatched duck embryo), gong chae nam pla (raw mantis prawns), mok huak (developing tadpoles), and larb leuat neua (raw beef with uncooked blood).

Watch the Crocodile Show

If you are easily disturbed, you might want to skip this show. The crocodile show is not for everyone. While it might be entertaining, it’s not something that everyone (the kids, especially) will get to enjoy. But if you’re looking for an exciting thing to do while in Thailand, this show is something you’ll talk about for years. The most famous are the ones in Samut Prakan at Samutprakan Crocodile Farm and The Million Years Stone Park and Crocodile Farm in Pattaya. You can also catch a show at the Phuket Zoo and the Crocodile Farm in Koh Samui.


Ride a Long-tail Boat

The long-tail boat is exotic and native to the people of Southeast Asia. This is traditionally made to carry people on the sea or river, though it is now used for transportation. You can find these in the canals of Bangkok, Samui, and Phuket. These are mainly used for island and snorkelling tours.

Rent a Private Yacht

If you want to truly pamper yourself, why not rent a private yacht complete with a butler and food service? Thailand’s unspoiled beaches are the perfect backdrop for bathing under the sun and sipping a bottle of cold beer. If you’re a licensed diver, you can check out the diverse culture of Thailand’s underwater.

You can never go wrong with a visit to Thailand. Whether you want to experience a culture-inspired activity or sample the fine life of the rich and famous, Thailand has everything you can think of.

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