A covered fishing boatFor a modern prospective boat buyer, the sheer number of boat categories is already staggering. Currently, the boat gallery lists over 165 types, ranging from the Zile to the airboat.

Whether you are just a marine enthusiast learning more about boats, or someone interested in purchasing fishing charters such as Charter Boat Phoenix in Destin, Florida, this article will give you an insight into different kinds of boat charters. Below are the most popular types of fishing charters.


This boat is designed with extra sitting space in the front of the helm. It ranges from 17-30 inches in length and powered by either outboard engines or stern drive. It is the most preferred type among small families, as it is used for both fishing and water sports. It is an excellent option for people who are new to fishing.

Bay Boat

This category has a remarkably low profile. Due to its design, it is best used in shallow waters of estuaries, near shores, or large shallow bays. If you intend to go fishing in salty waters, this fiberglass boat is your best bet since saltwater cannot affect it. The bay boat is between 18 and 24 inches, making it ideal for small group fishing trips.

Convertible Fishing Boat

If you want to experience offshore cruising and fishing, this 35-foot great boat is the best option. It has not only large berths and galleys but also spacious cabins, creating enough room for pleasure cruising. Additionally, it comes with a flybridge that has an elevated helm, which aids in locating fish or flotsam. It also provides a broad fishing deck, giving enough room for everyone to fish.

The majority of these modern fishing-cum-watersports boat models operate on outboard engines. Therefore, if you are a soon-to-be boat owner or a marine enthusiast who wants to explore more boat options, the above will give you the thrill of the sport.

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