Snowboard on a vehicle rackHitting the road with friends and family for an adventure is an excellent thing to tick off your bucket list. Remember, road trip comes with luggage, lots of luggage. Does your vehicle have enough storage space for the journey?

Roof racks, trunk-mounted racks, hitch-mounted racks and cargo boxes offer extra storage space for your vehicle when transporting cargo. Here are a few considerations when choosing a suitable car roof rack for you.

The Type of Vehicle

You can easily install cars with trunk-mounted bicycle racks and rooftop luggage carriers. Roof racks work well on sports utility vehicles. But remember, you should be capable of reaching your cargo. The best alternative for trucks is hitch-mounted racks. Depending on your car’s size, however, vehicle roof rack is also ideal.

The Cargo

Hitch-mounted racks and linked roof racks offer the flexibility to carry whatever you need, and you can even use several attachments at the same time. Trunk-mounted roof racks are inexpensive and easy to install.

Trunk mounted racks, however, let you carry only specific items, for example, 3-4 bikes, and can prevent stress-free access to the trunk.

Particular Requirements and Challenges

If you need to open your trunk along the way for supplies or to let your pet out, then a trunk or hitch mounted rack is a poor choice. If you are using public car parks on your way, you need to clear roof racks of luggage to pass the height barriers.  Roof racks might be an impractical option for short and not-so-strong individuals.

Roof racks offer a cost-effective, long-lasting and flexible option for transporting your luggage and do not limit your trunk’s access. Vehicle roof racks have three constituents; side rails, mounts and towers. The tower attaches to side rails, and the mount holds the rack to your car. To secure your cargo firmly, tie it down with at least four areas of contact.

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