Bankruptcy concept shotCompetent legal advice from a bankruptcy attorney in Salt Lake City can help you attain your goals. Facing a complex and seemingly hopeless financial problem is overwhelming, but there are ways to make things easier for you and your family.

Does the law require you to have an attorney?

Filing for bankruptcy could make anyone’s heart skip a beat. Each case has risks, and potential difficulties may arise. Yet, the law of the land does not require you to hire a lawyer. Nevertheless, it is advantageous to have someone within reach should there be legal questions.

It is easy enough to file a case, and some do so successfully. Going pro se, or without a lawyer, earned about 61 percent of people who filed in discharging their debt, according to statistics gathered in 2011.

Still, if you have a lawyer, then a competent professional can help in filing documents and get things done within a given deadline.

Why should you hire a bankruptcy lawyer?

Is your debt unmanageable? Is your income insufficient to pay off the debt? There is a need to find options that are beneficial to your situation. When involved in bankruptcy, you can work with a lawyer before even starting the process. Deciding on whether to file or not is already a legal question.

Another important question to ask is what type of chapter to file. This decision alone can decide if your future holds a positive or a negative solution. Lastly, the volume and quality of paperwork can be overwhelming.

The risk for denial due to failure to report information, or filing the wrong document increases if you are doing everything by yourself. Being on your own can be the worst possible place to be in a bankruptcy process. Why don’t you remedy the situation by hiring a capable lawyer?

The bankruptcy process is simple enough, but hiring a lawyer improves the odds of a positive outcome. Ask for an attorney’s advice today.

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