Do you ever wonder why even if you eat and train so much, you still seem to be going nowhere in gaining weight or muscle mass? There are some people, meanwhile, who ponder just the opposite: why is it so hard to lose weight?

Modern society makes it seem easy that by doing certain routines, you will get your ideal body — and most of the time, that means a slim or muscular build. The problem here is that not all people are the same, and so are their body types.


Ectomorphs are long, thin, and slender, usually with a high forehead and receding chin, narrow chest, shoulders and hips, and little fat and muscle. Their stature makes them prone to injuries in power sports and therefore, should stick to endurance sports like cycling and gymnastics.


Endomorphs are usually classified by their short arms and legs, and generally a large amount of mass. They typically have pear-shaped bodies with a rounded head, wide shoulders and hips, a wide front-to-back ratio, and lots of body fat on the arms and thighs. Their mass makes it difficult to be in sports or activities requiring agility, aerobics, and speed. 

But their size and characteristics make them beneficial for sports like rugby and powerlifting. Their lung capacity is also large, reinforcing activities like rowing. It is easier for them to increase muscle mass compared to ectomorphs.


Mesomorphs, meanwhile, are the in-betweens. They typically have wedge-shaped bodies, a cubic-shaped head, broad and muscled arms, legs and shoulders, narrow hips, and small amount of fat. Their medium build makes them excel at sports and sustain low levels of body fat. Individuals with this body type make excellent candidates for athletes and can easily gain or lose weight.

Your Ectomorph Body Type

Now that you understand what you have, it is time to get more detailed. Let us focus on ectomorphs. Your body type enables you to process carbs into energy quickly, thanks to your fast metabolism. This translates to burning fat quickly, which is good, too.

However, you find it difficult to bulk up. Your body is designed for doing cycle races or running marathons, but your lean frame makes it hard for you to respond to weight gain and online training programs specifically for cyclists and runners.

What Not to Do When Training

With a lean body, you do not need to lose any more carbohydrates and fats, so ditch the treadmill and the running. Bicep curls may also be a mistake. Instead, focus on your big muscle groups by including squatting, core exercises, crunches, bench presses, and barbell squats in your routine. Your training time should also be limited to three sessions a week since anything more can further speed up your metabolism.

Your Nutrition Needs

Healthy rice bowl

Stick to a diet high in calories, carbs, fats, and proteins to complement your building of muscles. Now, this does not mean you can eat anything you fancy. Stay healthy by choosing healthy foods such as oats, potatoes, bread, nuts, and avocado.

Supplements, if used properly, can also aid in your quest to bulking up. A protein shake before and during workouts can help muscle growth and recovery, as well.

Ectomorphs should stick to compound moves at the gym and get enough protein. Your lean body type also means working double on the weights in order to achieve a more toned body and physique.

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