In this modern age, when people so easily blend into the background among thousands of nameless faces, there are some individuals who enjoy standing out. They do so through different ways, be it truant behaviour or unique appearances.

Those who stand out through appearance likely do it by having different hairstyles. However, it has gone beyond getting a haircut to the shortest or going blonde. What are known as fashion hair dyes have now been introduced to the public.

In this Manic Panic era, people have the liberty to dye their hair colours that are not typically considered natural, ranging from vibrant reds and pinks to muted blues and greens.

While it is enticing to some to have what is known to be mermaid or cotton candy hair, there are many who still find it curious as to why people go through such “drastic” lengths to stand out from the crowd, considering the damage their hair likely incurs throughout the process.

On the matter of hair damage, there are hair care treatments available so that people who enjoy regularly changing their hairstyles can continue to do so without any fear of their strands falling out. Treatments such as keratin solutions or CAVIAR4 nourishing conditioners, and even more natural options like coconut and argan oils are within reach to keep their hair healthy.

Why Go for Fashion Colours?

Man in gloves is dying long blue hair colorful with brush

As for the ‘why’, it is due to a number of varied reasons, depending on the individual. One notable reason, though, is self-gratification. There is something that is so fulfilling about seeing a vibrant head of colour after long hours of bleaching and toning. Consequently, it may become habit-forming.

Like many everyday activities, changing one’s hair colour can become a habit since fashion dyes are semi-permanent and gradually washes out with every shower. The ease of changing it is also related to how it can be habitual, as fashion dyes are cheap and require no professional hands to apply.

Additionally, those who have pre-lightened their hair prior to using the hair dye will only require a handful of washes before they are ready to change their colours again, which is what typically happens, as there are plenty to choose from and try out.

Self-Expression and Therapy

In relation to colour options, an individual’s choice of hair dye is also revealing of their character, which is why hairstyles have been considered a great form of self-expression and therapy for the longest time. It is believed that those who choose brighter shades, like fiery reds and oranges, are risk-takers. Those who opt for pastels and other similar shades, on the other hand, are soft and more in tune with their emotions.

Of course, these beliefs come off as stereotypical, since no one really knows why people choose to dye their hair the way they dye it unless the person reveals it. Also, it should be noted that these stereotypes are not limited to unnatural hair colours, as people have associated black, brown, and blonde hair to traits for the longest time.

In the end, regardless of a person’s reasons behind their hairstyling decisions, dyeing their hair can be one of the most satisfying ways they can feel prideful of themselves while expressing their personalities in the cheapest way possible.

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