Having sleepless nights once in a while is common, but if these happen more often, there could be an underlying cause to your sleeping problem. To give your body the rest that it needs every night, you need to identify the reason you are having difficulty sleeping.

Most people worry about suffering from stress and depression when they have trouble falling and staying asleep. Others see it as a possible side effect of prescription medication or taking too much caffeine and alcohol. Sleep apnea and snoring may also be causing some people to wake up from their deep sleep.

These are just some of the possible reasons people have a hard time falling and staying asleep. When these are ruled out, other likely culprits are your outdated mattress and the kind of pillow that you are using.

Are You Using the Right Kind of Pillows?

Few people ever think about the state their pillows are in or whether they are using the right ones for sleeping. There are actually several kinds of pillows made with various materials, natural and synthetic, and using the wrong one can prevent you from getting that much-needed rest.

Among the different types and shapes of pillows, there are hotel grade or luxury pillows with the right cushioning for the upper body. This can help people sleep better and more comfortably. Having the right elevation and softness provides a comforting feeling to a body that is tired and aching. It also helps soothe an active mind and lull you to sleep faster.

Additionally, the right kind of pillow may help align the neck and spine while sleeping. It also alleviates and prevents any back and neck condition from developing.

Your Sleeping Position and Your Pillows

woman sleeping upright

The elevation, firmness and type of pillow that support the head and spine are important. Take note though that the right type of pillow should match your sleeping style. People who sleep on their backs will need a slim pillow to align the spine in a mid-line position.

On the other hand, for those who sleep on their sides, the width and the height of the pillow are both important because these determine the cushioning falls and gaps between the shoulder and the neck.

Pregnant women, meanwhile, are prone to having hip pain and trouble sleeping. Many claim to have better sleep when they use specialized pillows for their condition. U-shaped pillows that provide full body support allow pregnant women to rest one leg and arm on the pillow while keeping their back supported as well.

Most people underestimate the difference that having good quality pillows and mattresses can make in the quality of their sleep and daily disposition. A good night’s sleep will provide the rest and rejuvenation that the body needs after a tiring day.

Deep sleep helps the brain cells repair and replenish the energy that the body and mind will need for the following day. This is why it is necessary to determine the causes of one’s sleeping troubles and address them immediately.

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