Being in a fast-paced world, more and more people now no longer have the time to relax. Today’s generation is immersed in technology and gadgets that seem to loop endlessly and continue on and on as part of their daily lives.

But while many choose to stay at home as a way to relieve stress, there are still others who prefer to travel and see the countryside. If you are planning to go out of town and visit the countryside, one of the great places to consider is Florissant in Missouri.

Being one of the largest city in the state of Missouri, Florissant in St. Louis County has lots to offer to tourists and locals alike. It has a wide range of places to go and activities to do, including recreational parks and walking tours. Located at the northern side, the heart of the city gives you historic districts where you can learn the stories that inhabit the city.

Florissant was inhabited by French Creole in the late 1700s, giving the impression of a progressive but historical city—certainly a breath of fresh air in this technology and gadget-driven world. One of the best things about the city is that it is very consistent in its aesthetic of maintaining the cross-historical ambiance of the city, what with many businesses and establishments utilizing commercial landscaping services in Florissant.

August Aubuchon-Herbst House

Florissant is home to the August Aubuchon-Herbst House, which is noted for being one of the few French colonial houses and considered as an example of the French-Missouri architecture. This was built around the 19th century and originally had a French-style log as its cabin. It is located in 695 N. at the corner of the streets Jefferson and Rue in St. Louis.

Sacred Heart Church

Blessed Sacrament on the altar

During the late 1800s to early 1900s when colonialization was still at large, one German settler petitioned to the archbishop of the Catholic Church for permission to establish a church where German would be spoken. That was how the Sacred Heart of Jesus was born. It was established in 1866, and the upper floors were used as a convent.

The Sacred Heart Catholic Church is considered famous in the Florissant because it has withstood a lot of historical events in the city. It was one of the witnesses of the Development and Emergence of the Modern America, it stood out in the Great Depression and World War II, and although the most of the church needed to be rebuilt, the faith of the people and the parishioners stood with it. The church is located at 751 N. Jefferson St.

These are just a couple of the places in the city that are great for your Instagram feed, showing worthy images of Florissant. Florissant has surely more to offer that you would not regret a day of visiting and touring this city. More importantly, Florissant has well-maintained commercial landscapes that help boost the city’s magnetism. Surely, every side and corner of it will be photogenic.

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