Technology gets better at trying to make our lives easier. No longer do we need to go to the bank to withdraw money, or pay the bills—we can do these at home using the Internet and our smartphone. Despite this, we tend to have less time for even the most basic of things, such as cooking a meal at home.

It’s true that home cooking takes a lot of time, so except for free weekends or holiday at home with the family, fewer people are opting to serve home-cooked meals. Having to go to the grocery to buy ingredients, preparing everything, and then cleaning up afterward seems to be too much work. Thankfully, you can hire prepared home food delivery services.

What is prepared food home delivery service?

Essentially, this is a service wherein customers will have freshly-prepared food delivered to their homes for a fee. Typically, these are prepared meals, individually packed, pre-portioned and are offered on a subscription basis. The major difference from fast-food style food delivery is that these are meals with alternative healthy ingredients. Customers can also opt to go full vegetarian or vegan.

A variation of this service is the meal kit, which supplies the customer with the necessary ingredients and recipes that they can prepare by themselves.

Why go this route?

healthy food

These days, more people are adopting healthy eating habits even if they’re not necessarily engaging in active exercise. But people are so busy that preparing a meal, which takes about an hour or so, is not an option. The same is true with going out to a restaurant to eat, as this is also time-consuming and costly.

Advantages of prepared food home delivery service


This is the most obvious advantage—everyone who subscribes to this service wants to save time and energy. It saves them time from doing frequent runs to the grocery as well. That hour or so saved from preparing, cooking, and cleaning can be spent bonding with their loved ones.


In most cases, prepared meals are delivered in bulk, good for a week. This means the meals only need to be reheated and consumed anytime, a major consideration for those working at odd hours or constrained by their duties, such as doctors. Having healthy meals ready and waiting for you is truly convenient.

Less stress

Let’s face it—the thought of what to feed your family on a daily basis can sometimes cause stress for the overworked mom or dad. Add to that the fact that every family member would have certain preferences in what to eat, or maybe they have certain dietary requirements.

With the prepared food home delivery service, everybody can order the food they want. That way, your family can eat together and each one would be getting exactly what they want.

Real value for money

Preparing food that not everyone would want to eat means some of that food will end in the trash bin. With prepared meals delivered to you, you reduce food wastage as each of these meals are pre-portioned.

While home cooking makes you feel good, it is not practical anymore for some families in today’s busy world. The major consideration is saving time for what matters—bonding with the family without sacrificing nutritional value when you eat.

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