Kids in a day care centerMost parent experience two types of reactions when their child starts going to school. First, a feeling of relief, as this means a couple of hours free from parenting duties. Second, a sense of sadness and worry will also be present. Their child will be away from them under the supervision of a stranger. Will they be able to take care of him the way that you do?

While nothing beats a mother’s care and love, a good teacher and caregiver comes a close second. Put your worried parent’s heart at ease by choosing a good daycare in Rutherford, NJ for your child, such as The Meadows School.

Here are some qualities of a good daycare program:

Loving teachers

Teachers will be your child’s second parents away from home. A teacher that gets along well with children and is loved by the students is a good sign. While you are at it, talk with the staff and people around the school. Casual conversations can give you a picture of how they care for the children and what you can expect from them.

Child-friendly environment

Brightly painted walls with tools and amenities designed for child use and safety are plus points in every daycare center. Creating a child-friendly environment is vital to stimulate learning and interest in children.

Safety and security

Your child’s safety and security should always be a priority. Interview the daycare center and know the security measures that they employ to make sure that your child is in good hands.


Child pick-up, as well as sickness policies, are just some of the essential points that you need to know and take into consideration when choosing a daycare. Having rigid, but at the same time understanding, policies is a good sign for every daycare.

Keep these things in mind and be able to find the right daycare center for your child easily.

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