Organizing a wine night with your friends on a Friday and coming up with a celebration for a milestone sometimes have one thing in common: both require a charcuterie and a cheeseboard. These are simple flavors that will surely get your guests raving about it. However, many overlook the art of making good cold cuts. They think that it is just about throwing in cheeses and hams and a couple of crackers. There is more to it than just that. As mentioned, it is an art, especially if you are looking to impress your guests while pleasing their tummies. And just like real art, it requires delicate consideration and painstaking preparation.

Many an organizer fails to come up with a delicious charcuterie, as they usually settle for less. Now is not the time to skimp on it. You have to make it grand as much as possible; it can also be possible to make it extravagant without boring a hole in your pockets. If you are looking for some pointers to do just that, here are some things worth considering:

Picking the meat cuts

The meats are undeniably the star of the table during your wine night. With that, you need to be careful with your choices. When coming up with a cheap charcuterie, you might be tempted to buy hams that are used for sandwiches. However, the goal is to make it elegant, so you ought to go to delicatessen near you. You will always find affordable items there. For starters, it pays to put salami—many want the dry-cured variant. Add a tasty layer of Italy with prosciutto. If you are rooting for some Spanish influence, Jamon Serrano is the way to go. Jamon Iberico is for your more exquisite palate. Do not forget to put some Italian sausages. For more affordable choices, beef and chicken jerkies will do.

Complement the meat with cheese and other items

Cheese, chocolates, wine, and orchid on whiteYour platter should not just be about meats. There should also be cheeses and accompanying carbs-based fares. A variety of cheeses will make the platter more interesting. If you are looking for safe choices, cheddar and gouda make good cheeses. If you have guests who prefer creamy cheeses, Brie and burrata are for them. Provolone and smoked gouda also make good choices. For bread, the rye variety will do. Do not forget the crackers for palate cleansing. Dried fruits, such as dates and persimmons, should also be included.

Do not forget the wine

A charcuterie will never be complete without wines. Your wines will depend on the type of meats and cheeses you will be serving. But you can always go for safe choices, such as Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc. If you are giving away wines, Prosecco gifts from the UK make a perfect choice.

A wine night or a simple celebration at home will never be complete without a set of appetizers, namely charcuterie. It is something that you might want to have, especially if you want to add touches of class and elegance to your festivities. This does not have to be expensive and complicated. You just have to have a grasp of your guest’s tastes and leanings.

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