Apple being hand-pickedHave you ever wondered how much work transpired before fresh produce reaches your local grocery or market from the farms? There is always a big chance there was intensive labour involved. All thanks to the diligent farmers who work hard to provide consumers with nothing but the best produce.

Take for example the following labour-intensive crops:

Sweet Cherries

There is a reason the cherries that you see in the produce section or on top of your favourite dessert are always perfect. Farmers hand-pick these red, little fruits! They carefully pick them one by one from the branches because they are delicate and each fruit do not ripen at the same time.

Companies offering cherry picker hire here in Staffordshire can attest to the high demand for specialised types of machinery to match such a delicate job.


Have you ever fancied picking your own plump and red apples straight from the tree? Sounds leisurely, right? Apple farmers have a different story. Turns out, picking apples is more challenging than you imagine.

You have to manually choose the best ones, carefully place them in buckets, and transfer them to crates and bins. And oh, you have to do it all day long!

Chocolate (Cacao)

While cacao farmers do not necessarily work at a height, there is still serious work involved. The cacao beans originate inside big and hard pods. Farmers have to crack them open using machetes and clubs. The process does not end there.

They take the beans out, clean and dry them under the sun, and undergo fermentation. Once they are ground, you can now use them to make your favourite chocolate bar and candies. Too sad for these farmers, there has been a decline in the industry in the past few years.

These are only some of the crops that require real labour. All thanks to those diligent and hard-working farmers, we can enjoy various produce right at our own homes. The next time you chow down a handful of cherries, munch on an apple, or take a bite from your favourite chocolate bar, remember to eat it with a thankful heart.

Think of the amount of love and work the farmers had to give just to provide consumers with delicious and nutritious food.

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