Planning for an outdoor party and thinking of creative seating arrangements? Fret no more. Here are some ideas that you can use to provide your guests with comfortable and relaxing seating that’s still practical and stylish.

The Reunion Setup

So this year’s reunion will be at home, and you’re going to have kids, adults, and the elderly on the guest list. Consider the traditional table and chair setup combined with lounge seating arrangement. Consider looking for table and chair rentals in Minneapolis, MN. You could even rent additional high chairs or booster seats for your smaller guests so that they can join their parents at the dinner table.

The additional lounge seating caters to those who prefer to dine and converse in a more relaxed manner. It also works for older kids as it makes it easier for them to snack and play together at the same time.

The Intimate Cocktail Party Setup

This setup best suits a gathering with a small group of guests. What you’ll need is a buffet table, a cocktail bar, and high tables. You can add lounge or indoor furniture for additional seating. This makes it easy for guests to find a place to sit while allowing them to move easily throughout the venue.

The Backyard BBQ Setup

Nothing is more casual and fun than a barbecue party. Consider padded beach chairs and side tables, combined with lounge furniture for a completely relaxed and casual vibe. This setup can also maximize your outdoor space. You can provide enough seating for your guests and still have enough room for the grill, the buffet table, as well as a game area. Just add some additional lighting for a more festive mood.

You might not have enough supplies to seat several guests for the gathering, but they are available for rent. Some even offer tents, lighting, and other items you may need for your event. So don’t worry about buying everything. Plan it all in advance and enjoy the party.

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