Person touching the grassKeeping the ground around your properties doesn’t have to blow through your HOA budget, notes a leading provider of commercial landscaping services in Pigeon Forge. While initial installation costs might be one the higher side, you can keep the maintenance costs low and affordable. With proper installation, you can create a series of low maintenance lawns that remain lush and green all year round. With proper care, a lawn can remain in pristine condition for up to three or four decades.

Don’t start a turf war

Unless you have deep pockets such that you can function without having to get homeowners to cough up extra dough, you’re better off avoiding luxury grass blends. Luxury grass mixes produce bowling quality grass to give your ground an exquisite look that gets people swooning. Rivalling their beauty and allure is their delicate nature and the need for regular maintenance.

If you don’t have a sufficient lawn care budget, you’ll have a hard time keeping the ground looking immaculate. These grass varieties are slow growing and susceptible to weed and moss damage. They are also not suitable for high traffic areas such as children playgrounds.

Don’t skip the soil test

As will all other green plants, the amount of available nutrients in the soil influence the growth of lawn grasses. A soil test provides a detailed analysis of the nutrients available for plant use in the soil. To avoid disappointing results despite sinking tens of thousands of dollars into the process, carry out a soil fertility test.

The results can help you chart the way forward while inching you closer to creating spectacular lawns that remain lush and green all year round. With the soil results, you can correct any nutrient deficiency or improve soil pH before commencing with the planting process.

It is in the interest of Homeowners Associations best interest to keep the properties in their neighborhood looking at their best. With the right approach, creating lush green ground around such properties should be a source of pain and conflict.

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