\Sober living houses in Phoenix act as a source of comfort. They are not only residential treatment centers but also solace for recovering addicts who need support in their journey. Granted, there are addicts who may require little to no help transitioning from their treatment program to their home environment.

However, a majority of recovering addicts need advice on maintaining a sober lifestyle. Sober houses enable any individual to ease into a new life. But it is important to know that sober houses are not the same; they are different in many ways. So how do you know the perfect house for you? Consider the following:


A majority of recovering addicts (especially those who are fresh out of treatment centers) believe that if they do not have a good structure, then they will easily fall back into their bad habits. They often require someone to tell them what they should do and when they should do it.

In the event you feel that you may require consistent support, then you should find a sober house that implements much more than a simple daily routine. Your sober house of choice should have a reliable structure and be governed by strict rules as well as regulations that will enable you to stay on the straight and narrow.

The staff

Needless to say, the therapists that you choose to work with are highly influential in your recovery process. There are therapists who will be truly more open, welcoming, as ewll as involved in the process than their other counterparts who may opt for a laid-back approach. Depending on what you are more comfortable with, it is best to pick a group of therapists who will meet you at your point of needs.

Go for a team of staff members who will do everything to keep you on the right track. They should not be afraid to lay down the law. For instance, they should incorporate drug testing as well as 12-step meetings in your recovery plan.

The cost


While the cost of sober living houses may not have a direct impact on your recovery, it determines the kind of treatment that you will get. It is important to note that sober houses vary in cost for reasons such as the location, number of residents, expertise, and so much more. When going through recovery, you should not be stressed about finances.

But this does not mean that you should go for the cheapest sober house. There are standard sober houses that provide great services but fit perfectly into your budget. As such, you should do a lot of research before making a choice.

There you go! The most important factors to consider when it comes to sober living! Are you still unsure of where to look for sober housing? Recovery homes provide unique treatment options. They focus on tools that provide lasting change. Do not be afraid to consider sober house living. This is the first step to the rest of your addiction-free life.

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