Every triathlete dreams of successfully competing for the Ironman. It’s a grueling competition that involves 3.8 kilometers of swimming, 180 kilometers of biking and a half marathon. Not one of these legs is easy, and it requires months of training just to get the endurance and stamina for one leg. How in the world do they train and complete all these three?

The Ironman triathlon isn’t for the faint-hearted. It takes determination, strong will and passion to prepare for this kind of competition. You wouldn’t be able to finish it with a loose mindset about training.

You need to set your mind and heart to compete with as much passion as you’d want to win or qualify for the world championship. With this kind of goals set, you’ll be more determined to undergo hardship while in training.

Time Commitment to Training

The amount of time required for endurance training is between 20 and 30 weeks. But if you’d been living a sedentary lifestyle, you may need more time to strengthen your muscles and tissues, which had gone lax after years without training.

For amateur triathletes, it would be wise to sign up for personal training in Seattle or wherever you want, aside from a regular gym membership.  A personal trainer will help prepare cardio, strength and endurance training programs for you, and also monitor your progress.

You need around 13 to 25 hours of training per week to prepare yourself for the completion of all three legs of the Ironman competition. But if you’re gunning to compete and win, you need more hours of training.

A triathlete is running out of the water

Slowly Building Your Endurance

Many athletes don’t finish this triathlon because of a low endurance level. With a personal trainer guiding you, you’ll be able to focus not merely on boosting your speed and power but also on building your endurance and stamina to go through all the legs of the competition.

The first 10 to 15 weeks of your training will help you become comfortable with muscle building, cardiovascular endurance, strengthening tissues, going the distance and working on overall body strength. Each week, a gradual increase in training can be done as long as you feel comfortable completing the individual legs of the competition. The following weeks will focus more on combining the three legs together and working on to strengthen your weaknesses.

A trainer will guide new triathletes in putting two distances together. One day it may be swimming and biking; another it will be biking and running. Then, it can be all three in one day of the week. Then a couple of weeks before the race date, the mileage may be reduced, but training should continue every day at the target pace. The last few weeks is more about getting rested without slacking.

For many triathletes, completing the Ironman is a dream come true. It’s the ultimate point of all their training, determination and passion. Only those who put their minds and heart to training will be able to complete the Ironman successfully. There will likely be times that you’d want to stop, but if you’re really determined, you’ll have the willpower to go forward and overcome all challenges.

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