Amazing stadiumThe Greeks may have built the first stadiums, but the Romans made the structure better with the Colosseum. Certain venues have similarities with old stadiums, but with key changes, especially when it comes to seating. Your stadium is likely to offer exclusive seats.

With exclusive seating, patrons can choose from sections such as “standing room only,” VIP, and the lower and upper boxes. The American with Disabilities Act also implemented easier access for fans in wheelchairs, encouraging stadiums to establish friendlier seating systems.

It’s important to be more mindful of the overall design, so your venue remains competitive. Also, comfortable and convenient seating systems allow you to charge premium ticket prices.

Comfort vs. Capacity

For Stadium Savers, Ltd, a local manufacturer of risers for auditorium and stadium seats, the right system is essential to enhancing spectator viewing experience. But which is your priority: comfort or capacity?

Find the balance between the two elements. Comfortable seats are useless when your venue doesn’t have enough of them. Meanwhile, having more seats is also a waste if they are uncomfortable.

Fortunately, you don’t have to choose

Developers design high-capacity seating systems that also promote comfort. Architects and designers create spaces that accommodate larger crowds and still provide the best viewing experience.

Top Considerations

During the design process for your venue, consider the need for easy access. Make it easy for the fans to cross through the different seating groups conveniently. Lower and upper boxes should have different access to the disabled, premium, and VIP areas.

Think about the ticket flow as well; how can you optimize the seats? How far is far enough? For design-specific questions, always work with a professional. Experts can successfully plan the distribution of seats for the different patrons without compromising the viewing experience.

The Colosseum is the model venue most stadiums today strive to achieve. But with innovative design and seating systems that cater to all patrons, the modern stadium is not just a remarkable structure. It’s also a product of comfort and capacity.

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