The space under the kitchen sink is one of the areas in your home that’s tricky to organize. The obstructions in this area could leave you with awkward and hard-to-reach spaces. Whether you’re customizing this space in your Fort Wayne home for your kitchen remodeling project or just want this specific space to be more functional, get some inspiration from these storage ideas.

Waterproof and Plastic Products

These materials are the most cost-effective and simplest solutions for the space under your sink. When using these, group all the wet items together to reduce water drips into your cabinet’s corners and prevent it from swelling. Plastic racks and trays are also effective and easy solutions.

Wooden Cabinetry

If you must use wooden cabinetry, consider storing only dry items in this space and make sure to seal all the edges as properly as possible. Protecting your wooden cabinetry is vital to avoid replacement costs, especially if you have custom-made cabinetry. You can also consider materials that look like wood but are really made of waterproof synthetic materials. Don’t forget to line the cabinet with plastic or some kind of waterproof film that will completely cover the corners to safeguard the cabinetry.

Metal Storage

Metal storage products come in many different sizes and shapes. These are usually used to maximize tricky areas such those around plumbing and keep things easily accessible and visible. The most common metals used for these storage items are aluminum, stainless steel, or standard steel that’s protected by a plastic film coating or chrome. The most durable and easy-to-maintain products are aluminum and stainless steel since coated or chromed standard steel can rust.

Sliding Bottom Storage

Majority of areas under kitchen sinks are obstructed by plumbing. Incorporating slide-out or sliding storage to the bottom portion of your cabinet is an easy way to give access to spaces that are difficult to reach, particularly if there’s a shelf in the way. Sliding storage come in different depths, so you need to take into account some practical issues when determining its placement and size. You can further maximize the space by installing a regular steel rod on the upper part of the cabinet and use this space to hang cleaning items and rags.

Special Drawers

These are basically shaped drawers, usually U-shaped, and can fit around the plumbing under the sink to create functional spaces in areas that would have been otherwise unused. For example, u-shaped metal drawers offer increased air circulation and faster drying times for wet items such as sponges. Note, though, that you need to get your measurements right to ensure that you pieces will fit.

Door Storage

kitchen area of the house

Installing towel racks or rails inside the door of your under-sink cabinet is a very affordable and practical solution. It’s likewise a good place for storing damp cloths and sponges since they can dry much more quickly there.

The space under the kitchen sink is usually a dumping ground for various odds and ends. With the suggested tips and tricks mentioned above, you can reclaim this often underutilized or unutilized space and make it work for you.

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