You need patience — and more of it — when you have children. They are going to give you headaches at a lot of points in your life, but you must still love them. Each household follows different tactics, particularly when cleaning and packing up. Sometimes, it’s better to learn daily because children have unique personalities. One successful household management might be different for the others, so you need to know which works for your situation. Here are some ideas to help you if you’re running out of creativity with playful kids:

Setting Some Ground Rules

You don’t have to look angry when setting ground rules, but implementation is necessary. They won’t take you seriously when you let them break those rules. For example, your rule is to only play with one set of toys each time. Don’t let them bribe you in any way. If that is your rule, then you must make them understand that they have to follow it if they want to enjoy playtime.

You don’t have to include them in dishwashing yet if they’re still too young. But, you can make them put back their toys after playtime. They can also do this with other items like books, which they need to put back on the shelf after reading. You can also teach them to put their dirty clothes into the laundry bin after dressing down.

Teach them how to clean up at a young age. Show them the basics like arranging the chairs or how to wipe the dining table with a soft cloth after meals. Encourage them to avoid spillage so that the carpet and furniture won’t get dirty or moist. Still, call carpet cleaners in your London neighbourhood in case the unavoidable happens.

mom and child

Hard-headedness is bound to happen even when there are ground rules. It’s even harder when you have more than one kid. The most common is when they don’t want to pick up their stuff. Tell them that you’re putting the toy in a box out of reach whenever they don’t want to pick them up. They can earn their toy back if they do a chore. Don’t give in to their pleas because they will develop bad habits. Show them that they won’t have their toys anymore if they don’t do a chore to earn it back. Leave toy baskets where they can put their toys in.

It’s ideal to think that your children will listen to you and pick up their toys, but this doesn’t happen often. You’ll likely lose your patience because they aren’t listening at all. Try these helpful ideas and combine them with your style. Be patient with your children because they’re still in their developmental stages. Choose a quiet place in your home if that’s possible. Go there when it’s too much for you. Remember that kids will grow and they will have discipline. It might be chaotic right now so find joy instead of people to blame. They might be rowdy but they’re your children who will turn to lovely people as they grow.

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