What to Expect with a Chemical Peel

Some cosmetic procedures appeal more to consumers. One example is chemical peeling. With age, one has to deal with wrinkles, age spots, acne and other

Kids at Risk: 5 Diseases to Watch Out For

Proactive parenting means not just handling coughs and colds as they come, but knowing more about the telltale signs of serious health issues your little

What to Do When You Suffer from Dental Phobia

One 51-year-old Australian stayed away from dentists for fifteen years and suffered extensive gum disease. Her tooth became loose and rotten; her breath smelled foul.

What Causes Acid Tooth Erosion

The tooth enamel is the toughest body tissue in your body. It is there to protect the delicate inner tooth structure. However, poor nutrition coupled

4 Common Emergencies and What To Do

Emergency situations could be terrifying. When you see someone suffer from sudden chest pains, dizziness, or bleeding, you tend to panic and be confused. If

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