Knowing more about various subjects comes a lot more easily nowadays. Aside from traditional schooling, there are many resources that one can find and use online. However, no matter how knowledgeable someone is, its application won’t be effective when one doesn’t have the confidence as well as courage. It’s an important part of living a free and full life in the future and should be developed starting from a young age. You can help as a teacher by adopting these strategies in class:

Encouraging Students to Try New Activities

Anyone who lacks confidence in doing a certain activity would often say, “I don’t think I can.” Possibly one of the best counters to it would be to ask, “How do you know you can’t if you haven’t tried it?” and go from there. For example, writing a story can be daunting to your students as they don’t have the experience. You can encourage them to try by having them use a simple bookmaking kit and see for themselves how enjoyable and fulfilling it can be.

Giving Them Room to Speak

Some people lack confidence because they constantly get shot down by others before they can say what they need to. Make a difference in their lives by giving them ample opportunities to speak their mind. Identify the ones who don’t usually recite in class, ask for their opinions in your discussions, and acknowledge what they have said. If they’re correct or have a point that leads to further discussion, then give them their due credit. If they’re wrong, then correct them without humiliating them.

Letting Them Choose Their Goals

Another factor that contributes to someone’s lack of confidence is how often other people dictate what they can do in life. No matter how young your students are now, they will soon grow up and have to find their own path and make their own decisions. Get them used to thinking and choosing for themselves, even little by little. Give them choices every once in a while, and let them take responsibility for what happens to them next.

Praising and Criticizing Them Constructively

Cute little girl is smiling lovely and showing thumbs up while standing in the classroom

Many of those who lack confidence in themselves are not given enough praise or credit for what they do right. Whenever you can, give your students some genuine compliments when they answer correctly, finish an activity right, or put extra effort into a project. Of course, criticism is also important, but some of those with no confidence are not provided with the right kind of criticism to keep them going. Criticism should be done in a constructive way, pointing out specific areas for improvement and giving some suggestions for action.

Helping your students believe in the people that they are as well as what they can do is one of the greatest tasks that you as an educator can undertake. It doesn’t matter if all you think you’re doing is giving a pep talk or giving them a shot at something. Seemingly little actions such as these can turn someone’s life around, and that’s a great achievement as a teacher. Who knows, your student might be the one who will help lift you up in the future.

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