Thinking of updating your living room without being falling for a fad that will be out of style next year? Why not choose a black and white colour scheme?

Traditionally, homeowners avoid using black and white in their interior design for fear of making the space look boring. However, today, many people have embraced the monochromatic theme in living spaces.

Why Go for a Black and White Scheme

Monochromatic schemes work well because they modernise your design. As you work within the colour scheme, you don’t have to worry about harmony and unity, which helps make a room look cohesive. According to Gestalt Psychology, the more patterns we find – such as repeated colours – in a room, the more aesthetically pleasing it is.

A black and white combination makes an elegant, modern and sophisticated pattern of colours that can make your living room look spectacular. When combined well, your room can be dramatic, dynamic, formal or modern. The colour combination blends well with all sorts of styles, including art deco and classic. Black and white can also easily accommodate dashes of other colours, giving you plenty of room to get creative with your living room design.

Designing Your Black and White Living Room

There are numerous ways to use black and white in a manner that brings a room to life. Here are ways to incorporate monochromatic colours to your living spaces in a way that is appealing and interesting:

  • Pick a Dominating Colour

One of the rules in designing a black and white living room is not to use both colours equally. Choose one colour that will dominate the design of the room. White suits open-floor layouts, as it helps make a room look and feel bigger. Black provides a modern and sophisticated look to the space.

  • Add Patterns and Textures

Although there’s unity in a monochromatic colour scheme, it runs the risk of making a room look boring when the elements of the space are too similar to each other. New York City designer Doug Meyer suggests decorating your living room with a variety of textures and patterns to keep the colour combination from falling flat.

Search online for design ideas to get an idea of which patterns and textures look great for your space. Buy the necessary rugs, sofas and other living room furnishings that make a black-and-white room look interesting.

  • Use Accent Materials

Just because a majority of elements in monochromatic rooms fit within a set scheme, it doesn’t mean you can’t play with accents and accessories. Deciding on a metal coffee table, for example, gives you the flexibility to add desks, lamps and frames made of metal throughout the room. Other accessories such as throw pillows and wall art are an excellent way to sneak variety into your interior design.

  • Adding Another Colour

room in monochrome interior

Adding a pop of colour in small doses can give your interior an added visual interest. This can be as simple as adding a timber coffee table or an occasional bright-coloured table to make a bold statement. Artwork is another way to add a touch of colour without disrupting the overall monochromatic look.

A black and white colour palette is classic and timeless, and it offers a variety of design ideas, whether you want to your room to look subdued or make a statement. With the right eye for design, you can create an interesting living space in shades of black and white.

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