Getting engaged will be one of the highest points of your love life. It nonetheless heralds the start of one of the most hectic times; wedding planning. There are multiple choices you will need to make to guarantee the success of your wedding. The first element you should pick is the color scheme for your big day. This will guide the bridesmaids’ and groomsmen dressing, décor, cakes, and other elements that will dictate the look of your big day.

The color scheme also has a considerable impact on the look of your wedding photography in Detroit and other places. Your personal favorites play a big part in your choice of a color scheme. You should, however, ensure the colors you choose complement those of the prevailing season to get perfect pictures and exude the right ambiance. Here are tips for picking the right color combinations for weddings in different seasons.


This is the most popular season for weddings since the earth once again comes to life and can have the best significance of your marriage life’s start. The flowers, grass, and bushes at this time have bright shades of green, and it is best to let these colors shine through your wedding. Some of the traditional and trendy color combinations include lemon yellow and apple green, peach and rose and traditional pastels like pale yellows, soft lavender, creamy pinks, and bright turquoises. The traditional pastel colors will, for instance, generate the best rainbow look in your photographs when combined with the natural colors of spring.


This season is associated with water, relaxation, and the sun making it the season of fun and adventure. The best wedding color scheme combinations for summer include blue, white and red, sunny yellow and sea blue and different shades of summer greens. These colors will form a perfect blend with the sunny atmosphere in summer and make your photographs stand out while complementing a fun wedding.


bride holding flowers in the forest

This season features fresh and crisp air combined with bright yellows, oranges and deep reds that generate a magical landscape of rest and peace. Warm wedding color schemes are the best choice to give a heart-warming and tranquil wedding atmosphere. Pumpkin spice and apple cider, brown, champagne and tan, and burgundy and wine red are the perfect color pairings for weddings in autumn.


Most couples cannot imagine a wedding in winter, and this is thus the perfect time to put together a wedding that will stand out. You can create a wonderland, Christmas-themed, or classic-styled wedding. Icy blue and silver, white and gold, candy cane, white, red and black are the perfect color schemes for a winter wedding.

Matching your color combination to the season’s color with the above guidelines is one of the surefire ways to get it right. You should also pick colors that complement your personalities as a couple and narrate your story. Some couples will at times opt to choose a color combination based on the season when they met rather than the one when their wedding will be held. Either way, the right color scheme will assure you of the best-looking photos provided you hire the best photographer.

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