It is not enough to hide clutter when you have guests coming over. Homeowners know this does not make the clutter go away. Even businesses understand that a cluttered warehouse is not a functional one. There are costs associated with keeping a messy inventory, and no business wants that.

It’s time to change the “out of sight, out of mind” mindset and work on organising the warehouse better. Let’s start by talking about what you are losing when you have a messy warehouse.

What You Cannot See Cannot be Sold

Australian businesses can be competitive and they have high operating standards, making their products some of the most sought-after in the market. It only follows that they will want each item to be of the highest quality so as not to embarrass their name. However, they may be losing sales in other ways even if all their items are of good quality.

Without a stillage cage or other storage options that allow them to see their inventory, and thus know exactly how much they have to sell, they are introducing guesswork to their sales. This uncertainty in how much they have in stock will lead to unaccounted inventory all thanks to the items being hidden somewhere in the messy warehouse.

Messy Organisation Leaves Room for Damages

cluttered room

It is easy to see that packaged items should be handled with care during transport so that they get to their destination in the best condition. However, it is not just during transit that items can be damaged. They may also sustain considerable damage if they are not stored properly.

That means no reputable Australian company will want to sell them at risk of their reputation being tarnished and their customers being dissatisfied. There are companies that would try to sell these damaged items at discounted prices, but if you know what’s best for your brand, you would know that this will not be beneficial in the long run.

Disorganisation Takes up More Space

You may have a warehouse overflowing with products awaiting shipment, but do you really need more space? Keep in mind that space does not come free and you may need to pay exorbitant prices just to expand that warehouse. It is easy to stack boxes and regular-shaped items. The real problem lies in the items and products that have irregular shapes.

If you do not store them properly, you will not be able to maximise the space you have. One simple rearrangement of the items might free up space that will allow you to store more inventory without needing a bigger warehouse. Think of how much space you are saving by investing in storage solutions and taking the time to rearrange the warehouse system.

Your warehouse may be of substantial size, but that does not mean you can waste space. You may still be compromising the quality of your items and incurring unnecessary expenses by not using your warehouse space properly. Thankfully, this is not hard to solve, as all you need is to look at your warehouse space differently.

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