A lot of women who are in abusive relationships experience crippling fear and helplessness. They become so helpless that they don’t see any hope in their situation. Due to this, they choose to remain with their husbands because they’re psychologically incapacitated. It’s a depressing sight. However, there is hope if a woman decides to leave for her sake and the sake of her child. Hiring divorce lawyers, for instance, can help end this situation.

Understanding Battered Woman Syndrome

Battered women may experience a lot during their stay within the relationship. There will be times when they think that they’re being abused because it’s their fault. They will fear for the lives of their children and theirs as well. They become so scared that it will be hard for them to leave because they feel that the abuser can always catch up to them and their children no matter where they go.

Being involved in an abusive marriage is a rollercoaster ride for its victims. While they face abuse, there are also times when the abuser is calm. During these times, the abuser is gentle, kind, and even sorry for what they’ve done. They will shower the victims with gifts that they will feel no need to run away. This never-ending cycle will have a huge impact on the mindset of the victim. This is also why it’s hard for her to leave. She becomes weak and she feels like there’s nowhere to run to for help. At this moment, the abuser is the winner.

How Does Battered Woman Syndrome Happen?

physical abuse

Battered Woman Syndrome (BWS) is described as the psychological condition where the victims experience long-term abuse. These victims develop “learned helplessness.” It is also called psychological paralysis. The victims undergo depression, defeat, and becomes passive resulting in the belief that they won’t be able to leave their abuser.

Victims of BWS also hope the best for the situation. There are times when the victims will hold on to the hope that the abuser will stop doing it. Because of that so-called hope, the victims will choose to stay. The cycle will continue leaving the victims feeling more helpless.

There are three stages in the BWS cycle. The first stage is when the abuser creates relationship tension. The second is when the abuser commits the abuse. This can be physical, psychological, sexual, emotional, etc. Finally, the third one is when the abuser apologizes for everything and tries to fix things between them.

How to Get Help

Getting help won’t be easy for the victims because they’re attached to their abusers. They should first contact the authorities and report the abuse. There will be an arrest. There is a lot that goes on in these proceedings. However, the victims should cooperate and not recant their statements. They should find the courage that justice will prevail.

The victims will be asked to testify to court against the abusers. These are hard times for the victims because they’re scared of what may happen. They fear for their lives and the lives of their children. They are scared that if they don’t win the case, the abusers can get to them and abuse them again.

It’s important that the victims get not only good legal options, but psychological and emotional support as well. They’re going through a lot and they need all the help they can get. Divorce lawyers in their Suffolk County, NY location may be able to help them find the right professionals through their connections.

Women who experienced abuse in marriage must fight for their rights. Getting a divorce is a gateway to start their lives over again. It won’t be a walk in the park, but through the help of supportive people, there is a good chance they will recover. Victims shouldn’t be victims for long. There is a chance for everyone and there are people who like to help. No one and no situation is hopeless.

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