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Allergies rank as one of the top chronic conditions by the World Health Organization and can be range from uncomfortable to debilitating. Allergies don’t only make work and everyday task difficult to those affected by it but affects the quality of life of the afflicted and those around them. One of the most common allergens are dust mites, in fact, a 2014 study has noted that 40% of the industrial global population is affected by dust mite allergy. Subsequently, dust mites are also common causes of asthma in children.

Carpet Cleaning

Dust mites can reside in your bedding, furniture, and carpets, then multiply and thrive during the summer. Carpets are notoriously cited as one of the perfect breeding and living environment for dust mites (as well as other allergens). As such, it would be best to, regularly vacuum your carpet regularly, especially during the summer. Alternatively, there are carpet cleaning services in Bromley that you can take advantage of in order to have them professionally cleaned and dried.

Wash Beddings (and Toys) Frequently

As mentioned earlier, dust mites can also infest your beddings (sheets, bed covers, pillow cases, and blankets), but they can also live and multiply in your children’s stuffed toys. So it’s best to regularly wash your beddings weekly and to use hot water when doing so in order to get rid of the dust mites and allergens. For items that can’t be washed with hot water, it’s important to have them go through a dryer at temperatures above 130 Fahrenheit (or 54.4 Celsius). Freezing can also be an option for non-washable items and stuffed toys; these will be able to kill the dust mites but won’t get rid of the allergens.

Air Filters

Microscopic mites may be passing through your air conditioning or HVAC system, and are able to propagate faster in different areas of your home. Installing a High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter which is able to trap dust mites can greatly aid you in preventing dust mites from spreading all over your home. And regardless of which filter you use, it’s important that you’re able to clean them every 30 days in order to keep them functional.

Allergen-Proof Bed Covers

You can also use dustproof and/or allergen-blocking bed covers that are generally made of tightly-woven fabric that doesn’t allow dust mites to colonize or move towards the mattress and pillows underneath. Just make sure that you thoroughly clean the carpeted floor underneath your beds as well. For kids’ rooms, it’s important not to put stuffed toys on beds, even if they have dustproof bed covers.

Control Humidity

Dust mites thrive in high (70% or more) humidity, which is why they multiply faster during the summer. Luckily, they are also sensitive to lower humidity levels and die when it reaches 50% or lower. As such, using a dehumidifier can help with not only preventing dust mites at home but also makes it easier to breathe and make your house feel less stuffy due to high humidity.


Vacuum cleaning rug

Dust mites can wreak havoc to anyone in your home by triggering allergies, especially during the summer. Luckily, with these simple yet effective tips, you’ll be able to prevent dust mites from propagating at your home and causing allergies, but also keep your home clean and cosy.

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