Nobody enters a marriage expecting it to fail, but it still happens. In recent years, the numbers have even escalated, with studies showing that about 40 to 50% of marriages in the United States are likely to end in divorce. This makes the divorce rate in the country as one of the highest in the world.

Additionally, the gradual liberalization of divorce laws has made it easier for unhappy married couples all over the country, from Colorado Springs, CO to New York, NY, to contact divorce attorneys and proceed with the dissolution of their failed relationship.

Often, divorce is a sorrowful event for both parties. Post-divorce experiences differ for all, and some, notably parents who have to raise their children alone after splitting up with their spouse, may not have the best time with all the challenges that await them after the proceedings. Most of them experience emotional distress felt in the aftermath of their divorce.

Their self-esteem may plummet during the transitional period from partnered to single parenting. They may feel extremely vulnerable and unloved during the first year or so of their new lives. They may also find themselves questioning their self-worth.

From doing things together to being alone

Since they are used to co-parenting and having a partner to discuss all aspects of family life, having to make decisions solely based on their personal judgment may be stressful for them. Consequently, as they are traversing new territory, it is possible to make mistakes more times than achieving success.

Considering the decision to push through with the divorce, it is likely that there is some animosity between the two ex-spouses. If so, co-parenting with the ex-partner will take patience, plenty of compromises, and effort from both sides if they wish to do it on friendly terms.

Depending on age and temperament, their children, who are as affected by the divorce as they are, might occasionally misbehave as they settle during the adjustment period. It is also possible that they may need professional help in order to cope with the fact that moving forward, they are going to have two families.

Fighting the stigma on single parents

mom with her daughter sitting on a sofa

Adding to the internal turmoil and difficult ex-partners are the stigmas that society has about single parents, particularly regarding their “inherent” inability to properly raise children to become well-rounded individuals.

These stigmas are based on old-fashioned myths and stereotypes hinting that those who are raised by two parents grow up to be more respectable compared to the kids of single-parent households. These notions hold no true meaning in the modern world, seeing as no reputable study has been able to confirm this.

With that being said, single parenting does not entail having to do everything alone, as most people are likely to think. Friends and family are probably present to give their support, as will the ex-partner if they are willing to do so. It is life-changing, and can be daunting most times, but not completely impossible to be a successful single parent.

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