For some, cars are merely convenient tools for transportation, but for others, automobiles are a field of interest and a hobby that fully appreciates the thought and artistry of designing and making a car. And luckily for those car enthusiasts, the automotive business is an ever-booming an evolving industry. So, if you’re a gearhead or car enthusiast with a penchant for entrepreneurship, here are the top automotive businesses you can startup:

Used Car Dealership

If you have an eye for cars, the drive to ensure that every vehicle is well-maintained, and an entrepreneurial spirit, then starting your used car dealership could be the best choice. Not only would you be able to work with a lot of different cars from different manufacturers, but you can also take advantage of your willingness to whip those pre-owned vehicles back into shape to make them more attractive to practical and bargain-hunting car shoppers. Plus, if you prefer going into this type of business with better support and less risk, you can take advantage of automotive franchise opportunities that specialize in used car selling.

Auto Body Shop

Starting your own auto body repair shop is perfect for gearheads who don’t mind getting their hands dirty. As you may already know, auto body shops (unlike auto mechanics) work on body damage as well as mechanical damage. Of course, you can start as with auto mechanic shop to focus on mechanical repairs (engine, AC, suspension, etc.), then widen your scope to repair automotive body damage and also provide customizations such as paint jobs. However, you have to take note that the auto body shop industry is riddled with competition, so you need to be willing to focus on both the operational aspect and the demands of a competitive market.

Automotive Business

Car Rental Service

If you live in an area that has a demand for car rentals (busy cities, areas booming with tourists, and the like), then starting one of your own can be a straightforward and lucrative way to get into the automotive business. A big part of the business is in marketing, so you’ll either need to brush up your marketing skills or employ the help of marketing specialists or professionals to help you build your brand and push your services to potential customers. Meanwhile, the other part of the business is making sure that you choose the right make and model to be rented out, maintaining your vehicles, and even customizing them to be more ‘attractive’ to your potential clients.

Driving School

For car enthusiasts who have a knack for teaching/instructing, and have good interpersonal skills, opening your driving school may be preferable. Not only would you be able to do something you’re good at, but you can also introduce lessons in the mechanical aspect of cars to your students to help them appreciate automobiles, while also equipping them with the skills needed to repair and maintain their vehicle.

Spare Parts and Auto Accessories Shop

Lastly, a quick, easy, and lucrative way of getting into the automobile business is by starting your spare parts and auto accessories store. Not only is it a very straightforward business, but you may even get to work with fellow car enthusiasts, discuss and enlighten car owners of the parts they need for their vehicle, and you may even get to use some of the freebies from your suppliers for your vehicle(s).

The Takeaway

There are a lot of other automotive-related businesses out there for you to choose from, and you can use this list to inspire you to lookup more of them. After all, there’s nothing more rewarding than making a living out of something that you’re enthusiastic about.

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