Perhaps you were just an hour away from sobering up but was in a rush to go home that you got on the back of the wheel and started driving before your blood alcohol level could drop to safe levels. Or perhaps you didn’t feel the alcohol’s effect until midway through your ride. Whatever the circumstances are, one thing remains constant: getting into your first DUI arrest can be a frightening, frustrating, and expensive experience.

Here’s What You Can Do

But you should know that it’s not the end of the world, know that you can get through this, you just have to collect yourself and know what to do after getting arrested for a DUI. DUIs are unquestionably bad, but they’re quite common; about 1.5 million people are arrested each year for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs according to the American Automobile Association. As such, professionals in the legal field and insurance companies have come up with different checklists on what to do after the first DUI offense. So, we’ll be taking a look at the most basic and essential steps to take after your first DUI arrest:

Get A DUI Attorney

After you’ve been arrested by the authorities and processed, you’ll be required to appear on court. Before you do appear in court to face your charges, it’s important that you get a DUI attorney. Don’t settle for just a general attorney for your DUI case as DUI laws are more complex, and you’d want to have someone who specializes on DUIs at your side to have a better chance at a good (or at least manageable) outcome in your defense. Even if you plead guilty, a good DUI lawyer can help mitigate the consequences.

Face the Consequences

Even with the best DUI attorney, there’s still a chance that you’d be receiving punishment for your first offense. It could be a fine, community service, probation, imprisonment, and a considerable number of hours in driving school. The punishment can be a combination of any of these punishments, and it’s usually paired with the suspension of your license.

Get Your License Back

After your sentence is carried out, you’d want to get your license reinstated. There are numerous paperwork and processing you’ll have to do with the DMV and your insurers. However, there are companies that can help you get your license back if you ever do get convicted of a DUI during your drive to Arizona; these companies can help you out with the filing of SR22 insurance, finding insurers that issue SR22, other insurance and DMV paperwork and legalities, and may even assist in cleaning up your record.


DUI Law title on a book and gavel

Getting into your first DUI can be a nightmare, but if you know what to do next, it’ll be a whole lot easier to handle and manage. Then again, it’s best to just avoid all these from happening altogether and make sure that you either sober up completely, assign a designated driver, or simply don’t drink and drive when you do party or hang out with friends and family. But if it already happened, know that you have to follow these simple steps to get through this entire ordeal and that there are experts and professionals that you can hire to aid you along the way.

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