Owning a car isn’t cheap; you must do everything you can to keep it at a prime condition. One of the ways to take care of your car is to maintain its look through a paint job. How do you take care of your paint job, though? For one, you can hire a professional to put an automotive paint protection film in your AZ location. For the additional care of your car’s paint, read these:

Paint Protection Film

A paint protection film can protect the car from a variety of elements. It’s a clear film applied over a paint job. As said, it can protect the car from UV rays, heat, grime, tar, dust, and even rocks. It’s a bit expensive, but given the benefits, you should have it installed on your car.

Car Cover

Exposing your car to various elements can make it prone to damage. Make sure you always put its cover on, especially when you park in an open area. Even inside the garage, keep your car cover on because dust and other elements can still accumulate.

Car Washing

car wash

Don’t forget to wash your car every week. Use a car shampoo to wash the exterior area like the body, tires, windshield, and glass window. Make sure you also clean the interiors of the car. Watch out for bird droppings. If you fall victim to this, wash it immediately with water. When washing, just use car shampoo or other products made especially for cars. You don’t want to use household detergent because that may harm your car due to its acidic nature.

Dry the Car

You need a microfiber towel or any cloth meant for drying cars. It’s a must to dry the car and not let it dry on its own. Letting the water stay on the paint for a long time can damage it. It can also leave spots on the exterior.

Use a Clay Bar

A clay bar can remove small particles on your car. The tiny particles that the human eye couldn’t see can damage a paint job. With a clay bar, you can have those removed. Do follow up with a wax polish to make sure it is clean.


A good wax can keep the car protected from dust, scratches, UV rays, and other contaminants for eight to 10 months. If you’re a bit wary of how long that is, you can apply a coat every six months. This will make it clean and keep the surface shiny.

Writing on the Car

This may sound weird, but don’t write on the car using your finger. While it’s a fun thing to do, writing can damage the paint. It can even leave scratch marks. This happens when there’s dust on the car and you write with your finger. The dust and your finger act like a grinder, which scratches the paint of the car.

Protecting your car has its short and long term benefits. Keep it protected because you’ll be using it a lot. You want a car that’s presentable so follow these steps to keep it functional and looking good.

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