You don’t need a lavish shoe collection to have all the basic styles covered. In fact, you only need six types of shoes in your closet.A man doesn’t need a pair of different shoes to wear every day, but what he does need is a pair to wear for every occasion. Not necessarily an expensive collection, but one that is made up of the following necessary styles:

1. Brogues

You can never go wrong with a pair of well-made Edinburgh Brogues shoes. This type of shoe is a versatile one that you can wear for almost every casual or business occasion. You can wear brogues every day to the office, during a formal meeting or cocktail party, and even special events such as weddings or anniversary parties.

2. Sneakers

You may have kept a pair of your old sneakers from college years for sentimental value, but that’s not why having at least one pair is essential during your 20s and 30s. Sneakers are the benchmark for comfortable shoes. They may not be the option for formal settings, but they can be worn in almost every other setting like running errands, going out for brunch, or simply hanging out. Not to mention that they can be easily paired with every other outfit.

3. Running shoes

Even if you aren’t the athletic type, having a sensible pair of running shoes will keep you prepared in case of an activity like hiking, jogging, or power walking. If you do find yourself going to the gym more often than you thought you would, invest in a good pair of running shoes that is durable and easy to clean.

man at the gym wearing rubber shoes

4. Leather slip-ons

Do you want to go for a classy look but one that is not too formal? An excellent pair of leather slip-ons got your back. A pair of classic loafers can be worn in a semi-casual setting, like a lawn party, a dinner date, or a trip to a fancy art gallery.

5. Boots

A pair of durable, insulated boots can keep your feet protected against cold weather in the winter months. It can also come in handy when you are dragged to a hiking or fishing trip that you weren’t prepared for since a pair of boots is the best to wear in rocky or wet terrain. However, boots are not recommended to wear with a suit so don’t make that fashion mistake.

6. Derby shoes

Derby shoes are in between the casual and business footwear genre. Unlike its cousin Oxford, Derby shoes have open lacing and are made with a more durable sole (often with rubber or leather). These can be worn in occasions that require a smart casual dress, like in the office, a banquet, or a business conference.

7. Flip flops

Everyone needs a good pair of flip flops for the summer months. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a pair of sneakers when you’re at the beach or when the weather is sweltering outside.

If you already have every shoe on this list in your wardrobe, y right track. If not, then you may want to start investing in some good pairs today.

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