Over the last few years, we have seen the dramatic changes in real property being rented out as office spaces. Coworking spaces are becoming more popular as remote workers have also seen an increase in numbers. There are pros and cons to both a traditional office setup and a coworking space, but what you should be looking for in these two kinds of office spaces are almost identical.

In a nutshell, worthwhile coworking spaces in Singapore and other metropolitan areas have gained popularity because of the high cost of commercial space rental. Instead of having to pay for the whole unit, some businesses decided to coop themselves together in one office space. This saves on rental, power, and utility costs. Studies have also shown that coworking spaces improve the productivity of employees because sharing spaces with other workers who are not from the same company eliminates boredom and restlessness.

But whether you want a traditional office setup for your business or you prefer the benefits that a coworking space provides, here are the top five things you should be looking for in an office rental:


The location is the most important thing you should consider when choosing an office space. If you are opting for a traditional office setup, the location has to be near your target market. If it’s a coworking space you’re after, you need to find an office space that’s convenient for your remote workers.


In a traditional office setup, you might have to deal with other offices in the same building. You may want to get to know your “neighbours” since you’ll be seeing a lot of them in the hallways and elevators. In a coworking space, getting to know the inhabitants of the office space is even more imperative because you’ll be sharing a desk with them. It might be best if you have an idea of what kind of work they do. If you are in the networking business, a shared space will allow you to reach and connect with different people.


What kinds of amenities are being offered in the office space? Does it have its own pantry where the workers can grab a cup of coffee? Does it have a lounge where the workers can relax during their breaks? If you’re opting for a coworking space because you want to save on rental cost, you should remember that choosing an office space with plenty of amenities will come at a price. Thus, never forego practicality for the high-end features that your workers might not actually need.


monitors in the office

There is nothing that disrupts the flow of work more than inefficient utility services. Whether it is power, water, cable, the Internet, and telephone lines, your workers need all of these to function. In this day and age, no business or job can survive without the Internet. Check if all utility services are functioning well in the area.


Make sure the contract is to your liking. It is better if your landlord can allow you a short trial period so that your workers can have a feel of the place. Check the contract for any add-ons that you have not agreed to. Some landlords tend to ask for extra fees for amenities such as parking spaces, furniture use, snacks, and even kitchen use.

Whether you’re sharing a space or using a traditional office setup, the best way to improve the productivity of the workers is to make the office space as conducive to working and learning as possible. That means considering what your workers actually want from an office space. You’ll find soon enough that investing in an office space will do wonders for your people and business.

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