Since time immemorial, men have been fighting with hair loss and pattern baldness. A quick look into history books will reveal how even the most powerful men of their time can’t escape from this problem. This would leave many to wonder as to why men often fall victim to a receding hair line.

To satisfy your curiosity towards the issue, there are actual studies that explain why it is common among men. Some of the findings related to this are mentioned below. Check out a few of them.

It’s In the Genes

Androgenetic alopecia or most commonly known as male pattern baldness is primarily caused by genes. It means that this condition is likely to be passed on. How it is inherited from one family member to another is still unclear. But there’s a bigger chance that a person will tend to have it if his relatives have a history of balding. So, take time to check your family history. This way people can prepare and try methods on how they could possibly deal with this condition.

It’s In the Person’s Diet

Like every part of a human’s body, hair and scalp need nutrients. This is to ensure that they will grow healthy and beautiful. Unhealthy diet which includes low iron, fatty foods, and low fluid levels can affect the hair’s growth. The worst part is, it can even lead to serious shedding or hair loss. Although the effect is often temporary, dealing with it can be embarrassing to most people. So might as well prevent it from happening. With that said, it’s important to follow the food pyramid and watch your diet.

There’s too Much Stress

man with his laptop stressed out

Stress can seldom cause hair loss, but it still triggers the condition. Telogen effluvium is a rare type of physical and emotional stress that can affect hair growth. This condition can put the body’s hair growth function into a resting state. Thus, men who are under so much stress, be it at work or home, can set off this condition. Although it doesn’t last long enough, it takes at least two to four months to recovery.

People Get Older

As people age, their hair gets thinner by the minute. Unfortunately, no one can control time. In fact, both men and women experience hair loss and hair thinning. This is because hair starts to grow slowly once a person reaches the age of 30. At this point, people have no other choice but to accept the fact that they’re growing old.

Men are indeed prone to experiencing hair loss and pattern baldness. But it doesn’t mean they have to suffer from it forever. There are now tons of hair restoration methods they could try to help them deal with it. From supplements to permanent treatment programs, they can find a variety of solutions. A visit to a hair transplant clinic in Cebu would reveal all the options they have to fight off this receding problem. It’s just a matter of accepting and understanding their options.

Since Father’s Day is fast-approaching, there are even hair restoration clinics offering exclusive promos on their services. So this is the best time to take advantage of this deal. Don’t let hair loss or baldness stop you and start making some actions now.

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