If you’re constantly on the hunt for skin care products that walk their talk, your journey might end here. Read on to know the five skin care items that can pump up your beauty arsenal and take your skin care up a notch:

1. Mild Herbal Soap

Choosing the right type of soap is key to having soft and smooth skin without sacrificing thorough skin cleaning. Take this herbal soap from the Philippines that is known for its moisturizing and gentle cleansing action. This soap is also packed with essential oils and skin vitamins, leaving your skin looking soft and supple. Thanks to its gentle formulation, it effectively removes dirt and excess oil on your skin without stripping it dry.

2. Day Cream and Night Cream

Depending on your skin type, day creams come in different formulations to provide your skin with the right amount of moisturizing. Day creams also come with SPF formula to protect your skin from the harsh effects of UV Rays. This product provides two benefits in one application, making your regimen faster and more efficient.

Night creams, on the other hand, are specially formulated to work hard in restoring your skin’s lost moisture. Your skin goes through its repairing and restoring process while you sleep, so smoothing on some night cream on your face and neck will help boost the skin’s natural renewing process. If you haven’t tried using this product, now’s the perfect time to do so and see how fresh your skin looks in the morning.

3. Eye Serum

Brighten up your eyes with a little eye treatment at home using a Vitamin C-loaded eye serum. This helps remove the puffiness and reduces the appearance of fine lines around the eyes. When the skin around your eyes look smooth and clear, you can already consider half of your make up work done.

4. CC Cream

Woman applying cream on her face

Some people ask what this product is and what it does. CC creams do the work of a concealer and a foundation, but with a lighter feel. It provides less coverage but definitely evens out the skin with its color-correcting formulation. It can easily hide sunspots and redness, creating a more even skin tone. It also comes with an SPF formulation, which makes it an ideal product, especially when going for a natural or no-makeup look.

5. Exfoliator

Get glowing, smoother skin by using an exfoliant at least once a week. This will help get rid of dry and dead skin, revealing a fresher, healthier looking layer of skin. This product is good for the face and body, and using it on a regular basis will help you achieve a naturally glowing skin, week after week.

These five skin care items are proven to improve the skin’s overall appearance by providing the skin the necessary care and cleaning it needs without drying it. Shopping for skin care products soon? Be sure to include these five items in your list and say hello to better, softer looking skin!

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