So, you have decided to take the road to a healthier life. You started looking for fitness centers, and enrolled for yoga class or dance lessons. And now, for the first time in so many years, you are now working on your diet.

Staying consistent with these adjustments can be as tough as expected. There’s no shortcut for this, and there’s so much more than physical resolve. The problem is when you start to feel tired and demotivated. This when people lose track of their goals.

To help you out, here are some proven and effective tips to help you stay consistent with your fitness plans:

TIP #1: Set your Goals before Choosing a Certain Program 

The biggest mistake people usually is when they start hitting the gym without knowing their goals. You can’t just copy a certain program from the Internet or fitness apps. Keep in mind that your body is different, and may have specific needs. Identify your goals before developing the best routine for your body.

For example, there are specific exercises and phasing to lose water weight and burn fat. You need to cut a certain weight before going to more strenuous activities like lifting weights. Skipping the basics will only wear you out. So, be patient and stick to your program.

TIP #2: Make the Smart Move when Eating Out

Part of being healthy is to stay connected with friends and keep your social life active. Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you have to stay away from lunch out with friends or colleagues.

The same way, eating out shouldn’t be an excuse for unhealthy meals. Try inviting them to some of the best pizza restaurants in Singapore. There are now several pizza places serving all-natural ingredients with no preservatives and additives. You can even ask to add more veggies on it. Be more particular with what they serve in the menu. For sure, they are more than willing to help out.

TIP #3: Get Someone Else Involved

Having a fitness buddy is one of the easiest and most effective ways to stay motivated and keep track of your scheduled workout. Ask one of your friends or join a support group in social networking sites. You can share a new workout routine and encourage one another to step up.

Another advantage of having a workout buddy is the “accountability factor” to keep each other in line with their goals.

TIP #4: Keep a Fitness Journal

Another effective way to keep yourself motivated is to have a fitness journal. Recording your progress from day 1, and seeing the results will give you a sense of achievement. This will also help you develop your routine. There are now several apps you can use to help you with this. Some even have a monthly wellness calendar to monitor your progress in real time.

TIP #5: Reward Yourself

fast food concept

As the saying goes, all work, but no play is never good. There’s nothing wrong with treating yourself after a month of hard work. In fact, most people have a “cheat day” once a week. This means they can eat anything they want from that day. Also, rewarding shouldn’t be limited to just food. You can go for a massage or a new outfit every time you hit your goal. Doing this will help you enjoy your fitness plans.

These are just some tips you can do to help yourself stay motivated with your fitness goals. Again, it’s all about phasing and determination. In time, you will start to realize that being healthy is easy.

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