couple picturing their dream homeIt is everyone’s desire to one day build their dream home. But, what exactly goes into building a dream home? Planning. It is a must in converting just any house to a dream home. Picture this: It is ten years later, you are married and have three kids, a pet, two cars, and probably housing your aged parents.

And, you realise that you need a bigger house or more rooms, but finances are tight. This is when you start wishing you had built a bigger house when you could. So, here are five mistakes to avoid landing yourself in the above scenario.

1. Sticking to building old technologies

The building industry is quickly evolving. There are new designs and technologies in the market that are more affordable and more stylish. A good example is the wall-mounted sliding door that maximises on space while still serving as the stylish door as opposed to the normal old school door.

This also applies to the use of energy saving technologies and the use of alternative building materials that are affordable and durable.

2. Not considering your lifestyle

A dream home to most people is a lifetime investment. You build it to raise your children and your grandchildren. A mistake most people make is not considering this factor. You need to envision your life for five years, ten years or 30 years from now.

If you are single now, will you have a family? And if you do, how big or how small? Will this be your retirement home? If so, you will want to build a house that will be comfortable to live in at your old age. In short, build a home that will serve you through all stages of your life.

couple outside home with sold sign

3. Not being mindful of the bedrooms location

Bedrooms require privacy and total quietness. Unless you want to be waking up more tired than you were when you went to bed. Ensure, therefore, that your bedroom is not near the laundry room, kids’ playroom, and definitely not facing the busy roads and streets.

4. Building too many rooms

Do you really need a separate room for kids to play in, or for a gym? Having too many additional rooms is costly, and they end up being underutilised. You would rather have a few larger rooms.

For instance, you can build the kid’s rooms to be bigger so that they can have enough space to play in as well. And, as they grow up, they can convert the space to a study area.

5. Poor space planning and design

Have you ever walked into a big house with not enough storage spaces? Yes, poor planning can make the biggest house seem small. Take time to plan your floor space. Consider all factors both current and future.

Ensure that every room is properly designed to accommodate the persons who are going to live in. Things like a sizeable closet or bathrooms with storage spaces are important. Have the contractor draw up a 3D floor plan for you to have a better understanding of how your house will look like.

It is costly to renovate a home just to make some additions, even though sometimes it is unavoidable. It is wise to have put in all considerations when building. Basically, build your home with the far future in mind.

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