For many people, home décor is an opportunity to give their home a personal touch—to put their own stamp on things. Unfortunately, when people think of home décor, they’re turned away by the thought that things could get really expensive. The truth is that home décor doesn’t have to be costly—you just need to be a little creative.

One of the best options available to you is to go for a crafts company. Their many products lend to many equally creative ideas. Here are five of the very best that you can apply to give your home a creative makeover without messing up your budget.

Handmade Card Wall

There’s something very commercial about your average greeting card. The clean and clear design, the carefully printed text, all combine to make something that we barely give thought to when we receive them. Handmade cards are the opposite end of the spectrum. Featuring truly creative designs in unique configurations and presentations. This makes them miniature, affordable works of art that make for beautiful home décor when strategically placed around your home.

Craft Wall Décor

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The walls of your home are essentially canvases that most people fill with expensive pieces of art that can cost more than most people cannot afford. Another great way to make your mark is to create wall décor on your own! From foam flowers, colorful pipe cleaners, cutouts, color swatches and more, you can create your own work of art that speaks of your style and makes each wall truly your own.

Memory Standees

While many people bank on picture frames to preserve their most important memories, they can seem somewhat passé and uninspired. When you go for a crafts shop, you can create works of art that are also very expressive of the memories that you are trying to capture. Some great ideas include caricature cardboard standees with your loved ones’ faces interposed. You can even still go for the “classic” frame just embellished with little craft touches for a lasting impression.

Simple Stamp Designs

If you want a wall or table design flourish that lasts longer than paper décor but is still easy to clean up, you can go for a rubber stamp. These can come in a variety of sizes and designs and can be paired up with a range of colors. Easy to apply, these can be stamped on any flat surface to add a touch of the creative. Best of all, you can easily wipe them with some solvent in order to replace them later on.

Alternate Furnishings

Everything from lamp shades, to placemats, coasters, and even plush pillow covers can all have alternatives that are more affordable and far more creative. For example, you can have lampshades hewn from colorful papier-mâché that retain the functionality while looking much better than even the original canvas options.

The trick to affordable home décor is to be creative and open to a whole range options that are available from some of the best craft shops around. Just check out the wide catalogues these have on-offer to find what suits you.

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