a tow truck on the roadTowing a truck is an art. Unless you do everything well, you risk your safety and the lives of others on the highway. So how do you make sure that you respond to a roadside accident appropriately?

Here are four tips that may help.

Be visible at all times

First, it’s paramount that your truck is clearly visible to other drivers on the highway. The truck needs to have sufficient warning lights, including a working tow truck LED strobe lights bar. You also need to have the approved reflective safety clothing during the operation, no matter how small it is.

Drive slowly

As you head towards the scene of the vehicle that’s broken down, drive and slow down your pace, especially if you are on a busy highway. This makes other drivers take notice and slow down, too. Make sure that you are using your hazard lights, and allow other drivers get around you if they need to.

Park safely

It’s essential to park your truck a safe distance behind the vehicle you are about to tow. In case a vehicle hits your truck from behind, you’ll have enough time to react without being sandwiched in the middle.

Also, as you park, turn the tires of the truck inside, away from the line of traffic and towards the guardrail in case the truck moves for any reason.

Stay alert

The importance of keeping your eyes and ears open throughout the operation cannot be over stressed. Before you exit the vehicle, check the mirrors and listen for any approaching vehicles. Do the same when getting back into traffic. The last thing you want is to get hit by a fast-moving vehicle.

As a tow truck driver, you understand more than anyone else does that accidents happen. By observing the appropriate safety program, you can stay safe as you carry out your much-needed services.

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