heavy equipment at a construction siteWhether it’s a crane, an excavator, or a low load trailer, moving over-sized vehicles and equipment is a demanding task. Besides needing the physical strength to control them, you’ll also need mad focus and discipline to ensure your safety, the safety of the hauling vehicle and the equipment you’re moving, and everything else around you during transport.

Here are five safety tips to keep in mind when taking on a task of moving large and heavy equipment.

1. Drivers must be experienced and trained.

Not only do they need to know how to drive the hauling vehicle. They also need to know how to operate the equipment they’re hauling. Make sure your drivers are trained in handling vehicle breakdowns and repairs, in case a problem happens en route.

2. Secure your load properly.

Load that’s not safely secured and distributed on your trailer can cause damage to personal property, damage to your equipment, injuries or even death. If you’re hauling containers of industrial chemicals, losing that load in transport will have a huge impact on the environment. Secure the load, and have another worker double check security before leaving the work site.

3. Use the appropriate trailer.

You’ll know which type of trailer to use if you have a full understanding of the job, the vehicle you’ll be using and the equipment you’ll be moving. Consider weight, dimensions and routes. Passing roads with narrow turns can be challenging if you have the wrong trailer on.

4. Plan in advance.

Secure all permits and regulatory requirements for the all the locations your load will travel. Run your routes in advance to familiarise your driver with roads he’ll be driving on.

Safety should always be a priority in this industry. Be knowledgeable on the proper operation of this equipment. Make sure that they are regularly maintained, and that needed repairs are done immediately. All these tips will help you achieve worry-free hauling.

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