The moment we hear the word “Italy,” the first thing that comes to mind is amazing food. If you live in Vancouver and you’re craving for Italian food, there’s just no bad time to look for pasta or pizza delivery service. Truly, there is something special about the cuisine Italians take so much pride in. The best part? We all get to enjoy it. Calzone, risotto, and vino aside, have you ever thought of what makes Italian food so good? Here’s why Italian has been consistently one of the most popular cuisines in the world:

The Freshness Factor

Perhaps the easiest thing to point out about Italian food is how fresh everything tastes. That’s because Italians do have a penchant for using fresh ingredients and making sure those ingredients shine. In every plateful, a lot of respect is shown in the inherent, natural traits of the dish’s components. This is the reason Italian food tastes amazing, because every herb, every vegetable, and every piece of meat was sourced fresh and was cooked in a manner that would make it taste beautiful.

The Star Called Simplicity

Another reason for Italian cuisine’s popularity is simplicity. It shows that excellent dishes can be made even without complex procedures. All that’s necessary is to treat the ingredients with respect and these would, in turn, create a stellar dish. As a result, great food becomes accessible to everyone because preparing it and cooking it is so easy to do. Had a long day at work? Reheat some sauce from the night before, boil some pasta, and you have a nice dinner. It doesn’t have to be hard.

The Health Benefits

healthy pizza

The typical American mindset views Italian cuisine as something that is heavy on meat and carbs, but that’s rarely the case in actuality. The Mediterranean diet has been, for a long time, considered a top-notch example of eating healthy. There is a lot of focus on using fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Sugars are put on the sidelines only for the occasional dolce or dessert. Artificial ingredients and processed foods tend to be outside of the limelight too. In terms of fat, olive oil is preferred. All of these together create a diet that’s lovely to the palate and healthy to the body.

The Cultural Diversity

Finally, there’s no single Italian cuisine. Italy itself boasts of various regions with their own take on particular dishes. For instance, pesto doesn’t always mean pesto alla genovese (the one with basil and pinenuts), as it could be pesto rosso (sun-dried tomato pesto), Southern-style pesto calabrese, or something else entirely.

Looking at the bigger picture, every town and region has distinct styles and flavors. Take Tuscany, for example, where the focus is on rustic peasant fare that shines in its simplicity, or Emilia-Romagna with its popular stuffed pasta and hard cheeses. Go up north and you’ll find dishes that often use rice, butter, and polenta. In some regions, the focus is on seafood. Simply put, there’s something for everybody.

With these reasons, it’s easy to see why Italian food is so well-loved. Truly, it deserves to be the most popular cuisine on Earth.

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